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Wiesmann, Back To The Future In Luxury



Wiesmann is one of the world leaders when it comes to the very best in manufacturing luxury Puristic sports cars. The name is associated with pure luxury in the market of sports cars and there are numerous good reasons for this. The 1000th specialised, luxury-handcrafted car left the factory of Wiesmann at the end of 2008.

Wiesmann believe that there is much more to a luxury sports car than the engine and this is what has made the name one of the very best the world over. The company combines modern technology with timeless design when hand crafting their range of luxury automobiles. Every vehicle to leave the factory is tailor made to the exact specifications of the customer. The cars reflect the individual, which is the trademark of the company, when it was founded in 1988.

The formula for success

100 employees participate in the manufacturer of every vehicle using blue prints from in-house. The sports cars are manufactured at the companies’ home in Dulmen. The formula behind the success of Wiesmann is that each car is totally unique, among the very best in the world, built to express the personality and lifestyle of the owner.

Only the highest levels of production are acceptable and so only highly competent specialists are used when it comes to the development departments. Wiesmann have the unusual logo of the gecko, because Wiesmann sports cars stick to the road, just as a gecko sticks to a surface.

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