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In this page, feel free to ask whatever You like regarding a luxury matter.

Send pictures of your room You want to renovate, the yacht You want to rent, exchange Your properties for vacation purposes, ask info about Your luxury watch You look for, or anything that is of Your concern.

The community members will be at Your disposal.

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  1. Hello to all members and ULC Team,

    I would like to send my greetings from Frankfurt and thank you for your acceptation!
    I am excited about interesting networking and good business.

    Everything else you can read in my profile or contact me directly.

    Best regards


  2. Welcome Dimitrios,
    You may leave Your business website details, Your e-mail and more important You can upload a photo of Yours or Your business activities for the other members of theUltimateLuxuryCommunity by click on Browse button, selecting Your image (jpeg only, otherwise please send to to upload it for You) and then click Submit.
    Do not forget, this is an OPEN Community for Luxury products and services users and providers; NETWORKING is of course welcomed (we will be happy to hear Your announcement for a joint venture and/or collaboration); ASSISTING people finally for Luxury aspects also is expected through this page and wait for Your inquiries.
    The Administrator

    amnonmikecohen Reply:

    @Fanis Zacharis, THANK YOU for this fine service for fine people…I like to believe we are…

  3. I like to introduce my property ..

    Experience Nandana

    Nandana, paradise in the ancient tongue of Sanskrit, is a tropical hideaway beyond anything you have ever imagined. Set within an exclusive, gated enclave at the far West End of Grand Bahama island, our palatial and richly-appointed Asian style mansion is a luxurious and exceedingly private oceanfront estate that combines the freedom of residential living with the bespoke services and amenities of the best five star hotels. From candlelit dinners served under the stars of fine Italian linens gracing the custom made beds, every nuance and detail has been carefully chosen to perfect your experience. Find us, a hidden treasure, and you will find paradise.

    Nandana Private Resort
    Pine Island
    West End, Grand Bahama

    neumann Reply:

    Would you be interested to cooperate with Golf Fee Card International ?
    Please see for mor einformation:

    With my best regards and good wishes for a Happa New Year
    Wolfgang R. Neumann

  4. Dear Members,

    Just a reply towards any potential cooperation what so ever.

    Looking for trustworthy relations with their focus on the future.

    For any questions and/or requests, please do send me mail to, wherupon i will send you my personal and business profile within 24 hours after acceptance.

    Let’s create the ultimate win-win situation where ever possible.

    Looking forward to your reply with great interest.


    Danny Verhulst

  5. hello!
    is some company interested to show all over the world an agency at a famous address in Milan – Italy?
    We know all as it is important to be able to show a famous address…. for example the street of the fashion…


    Luisa Cabrini

  6. Hi everybody, just joined the community. Thanks for inviting me. I have always loved fashion, perfumes, and luxury cars. I love traveling and enjoy human connections. I am working as a personal coach and personal development consultant. I’m looking forward to connecting with you and sharing your passions!

    Louise Bosse (France)

  7. HI ALL:
    I have come here to find like minded wise and honest people, who like and appreciate the GOOD and The FINE and Healthy in life we all share while we are here and active or at rest.
    Finding also a real nice website, is wonderful indeed – as good things should look good.

    As a successful inventor, I have not yet made my Superior Hulls known to the Luxury-Yachting or to Maritime Shipping because I have not yet found the proper partner(s) in this very important project I show at and or my other related websites found on the www by special searches or employing my ‘backdoor’ links to hubs maintained on the www for our projects and international, global interests.

    If you like to have some wisdom from the prepatent prepartnering method I have developed, just contact me for more direct email or skype help (free) to inventors and investors and agents.

  8. Greetings!….From Raymond V. Small the founder
    of VEGAS ENTERTAINMENT!….I always wanted to go to VEGAS to perform, so I sang a little music in the bars for a few years, created an album on ITunes…Vegasville

    I have appeared on set of Amelia, and many other movies, I enjoy music, film, movies, entertainment and am a fantastic photographer who loves to work at helping other professionals around the world, as well.
    I am one man, one passion, one vision….to make business sustainable for our future.
    you may purchase the album above…..I need a new watch!
    It is my pleasure, rolling one time baby,
    assisting with sales, images, etc….
    Thank- you Raymond V. Small VIP ELITE

  9. Thank you for having connecting. I love luxury items and events. Hopefully we can help each other and working together in the near coming future by giving your events the luxury additional touch. Please let me introduce myself.

    After 20 years of service at the British Embassy, I am pleased to announce that I have opened a new chapter in my life, musical entertainment.

    This new challenge will entail promoting the unique group, “The Exclusive Strings”, who are made up of 4 female violinists performing in a contemporary style.

    Each of the violinists have completed professional musical training, both with a sense of seriousness as well as joy, ensuring that they are not like any other female group and creating a truly electric mood through their performances!

    They have proved their energetic musical professionalism in Belgium and abroad.

    “The Exclusive Strings ” have performed in the UK, Monaco, Cannes, the Netherlands, Dubai, Barcelona and many other locations across the world for many important events including seminars, company parties and product launches.

    “The Exclusive Strings” can really bring a touch of magic to your next event and show your organisation off as truly special.

    Please take some time to look at the links attached which will only leave you wanting to know more.

    I would be happy to provide any further details required to ensure your next event is a success.

    Kind regards


    Krista Clabots
    Pr & Marketing Officer

    Mobile: 00 32 473 800 173

    Presentation video
    Interview video
    Demovideo show 2011


    You tube – Video’s uit deze e-mail

    YouTube – Video’s uit deze e-mail

  10. Does anyone want to live in Barbados?

    Hello everyone and thank you for reading this. Let me know if you like what you see?

    Regards, Dennis

    Crane beach is located near a cliff on the uncongested, Southeastern coast of Barbados in St. Phillips, 10 from the international airport. It has been named “One of the Top 10 Beaches in the World” by the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and the BBC’s Holiday program says that Crane Beach is one of the “Top 100 places to see before you die.”

    Overlooking the beach is the Crane Residence Club – which was built as Barbados’ first resort hotel in the 19th century (when Barbados was a British protectorate). From its founding to now, the Crane has remained an established getaway for those high-enders who require just that.

    As opposed to other Barbados options, the Crane offers outright ownership of two-bedroom residences in its Private Residence development facing the beach. Until now, no residences have been available. But that has changed.

    We own a two-bedroom, 2,749 sq. ft., residence and are willing to sell. It has been broken out from the rental pool (no nasty maintenance fees or other hidden costs) to create a stand-alone deal. Note that with this Crane deal you will have a clear, deeded title to your unit – and the land – (in your name). You can sell, rent, do fractional ownership…what ever you choose – as it is “all yours” free and clear. Also, at the Crane you will pay no property tax.

    You can see the spec sheet here ( and a photo gallery here (

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