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Rolls-Royce Sweptail $13 million – World’s Most Expensive Car!

Sweptail is a highly bespoke motor car created by Rolls-Royce to fulfill the dreams of a single customer. Unveiled at Villa d’Este for Concorso d’Eleganza, it evokes the drama of the swept-tail Rolls-Royces from the 1920s.
When, approximately one year ago, Rolls-Royce presented 103EX to the world, it invoked its coachbuilding heritage to inspire its future clientele. This Vision Vehicle envisaged a world of completely personal luxury mobility where new technologies would allow every Rolls-Royce to be designed in their owners’ image, should they wish. Such a Rolls-Royce would represent the truest meaning of luxury – a personal, Bespoke motor car like no other for each individual commissioning patron.

The owner of this car, who doesn’t wish to be named, has deep pockets. Very deep pockets, since the special Rolls is rumored to cost around $13 million. The unnamed gentleman came to Rolls-Royce to realize his vision of a one-off luxury motor car that would evoke the beauty of coachbuilt Rolls-Royces of the 1920s and 1930s. He asked for a two-seat coupé featuring a large panoramic glass roof.

That motor car is here, now and is christened ‘Sweptail’.

Presenting the car to the media at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este on Saturday 27th May 2017, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said, “Sweptail is a truly magnificent car. It exudes the romance of travel for its own sake, and immediately places ‘Sweptail’ in the pantheon of the world’s great intercontinental tourers. Rolls-Royce’s history as the world’s leading coachbuilder is at the very core of its identity as the world’s leading luxury brand. The arrival of 103EX shone a light on the future of Rolls-Royce in this field, and ‘Sweptail’ is proof, today, that Rolls-Royce is at the pinnacle of coachbuilding. We are listening carefully to our most special customers and assessing their interest in investing in similar, completely exclusive coachbuilt masterpieces. At the same time we are looking into the resources which will allow us to offer this unique service to these discerning patrons of luxury.”

‘Sweptail’ – how the vision became the reality
“Sweptail is the automotive equivalent of Haute Couture,” comments Giles Taylor, Director of Design at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “It is a Rolls-Royce designed and hand-tailored to fit a specific customer. This customer came to the House of Rolls-Royce with an idea, shared in the creative process where we advised him on his cloth, and then we tailored that cloth to him. You might say we cut the cloth for the suit of clothes that he will be judged by.”

It took a number of years for Taylor and his team of designers to bring this vision to life. “Our job was to guide, edit and finely hone the lines that would ultimately give our client this most perfect of Rolls-Royces,” says Taylor.

2016 Rolls-Royce 103EX Concept – Official Video

Bugatti Chiron: World Premiere

At the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show Bugatti unveiled the Chiron, the most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production super sports car in the world. The Chiron is the latest generation of the ultimate super sports car and is a completely new development. The sports car manufacturer from Molsheim, with its long tradition, has taken the unique features of a modern Bugatti to a new level and developed a high-performance machine that has become significantly better in every respect. With a power output of 1,500 HP, unprecedented for production vehicles, an exceptionally high torque value of 1,600 Nm between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm and a wide variety of technical innovations, the Chiron sets new standards in every respect.

2016 Good Wood Revival Promo


The Revival this year saw one of the strongest line-ups of legendary historical cars, bikes, drivers and riders to date – not to mention the unprecedented gathering of all six Shelby Daytona Coupes as well as their legendary designer, Peter Brock.

Revival hand signals promo

Star turns from a whole host of BTCC stars made the 2015 St Mary’s Trophy one of the greatest races in Goodwood history while on two wheels the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy went down to the wire.

Bugatti Unveils The Vision Gran Turismo

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video by Testarossa Power

This is the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, a one-of-a-kind hypercar that at first glance might be one of the most exclusive cars in the world.

bugatti vision

The good news is that we’ll all be getting the chance to drive it, and that’s because it’s actually a custom-designed car for the hugely successful racing series Gran Turismo.

What’s more you’ll actually be able to get eyes on with this absurd vision of blueness and carbon fibre in the flesh as Bugatti is building a full-scale model of the car for the Frankfurt Motor Show.

It’s stunning assault on the eyes boasting more fins and exhausts than your average Batmobile. According to Bugatti, the Vision Gran Turismo takes design inspiration from Bugatti’s range of 20s and 30s classic racing cars while incorporating an ultra-modern feel.

bugatti vision

Frank Heyl, the head of Exterior Design for Production Development at Bugatti explains further saying: “We wanted to create a project as realistic as possible for our fans and put a real Bugatti in the virtual world of the PlayStation video game franchise,”

bugatti vision

“Every design characteristic is defined by its function. Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is the perfect symbiosis of engineering and aesthetics.”

It’s not yet clear when the Vision will be available on Gran Turismo 6, but you can almost guarantee that when it does, there won’t be a shortage of people waiting to download it.

bugatti vision

Unleash Your Inner Beast – Rezvani Motors

Rezvani Motors introduces the 500-horsepower Beast supercar.

With a 0-60 mph time of just 2.7 seconds, and a curb weight of 1,650 lbs, the Rezvani Beast is a pure sports car both on the road, and on the track. Handbuilt from pure carbon fiber, Beast exudes both performance and luxury in one affordable package. Pricing starts at $165,000.

Footage – 918 Spyder manufactory: behind-the-scenes

Porsche-918-Spyder-a1200Strictly limited to just 918 units and assembled in a 4000-square-metre manufactory by 100 selected employees by hand. Take a look at this footage from the birthplace of the 918 Spyder in Zuffenhausen, Germany.

A new level of performance – Bentley Bentayga

The Bentley Bentayga’s performance achieves the optimum balance of handling and efficiency – without a hint of compromise. It’s time to see performance through new eyes.

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