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  1. In the crisis era what is the best to invest? Gold, Jewellery, Commodities, Art, Real Estate, Other,…?

    marut Reply:

    @Fanis Zacharis, I think it makes a difference, which country you are in. In India, its always most profitable to invest in Real Estate. We can expect sometimes upto 50-75% appreciation within a couple of years….

    Chantal Bouvier de Lamotte Reply:

    @Fanis Zacharis,
    I think houses, old stones,immobilier in general are good!

    amnonmikecohen Reply:

    @Fanis Zacharis, OTHER
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    @Fanis Zacharis,

    Hi Everyone,
    My suggestion for the best investment is going to fly in the face of all others suggested.
    The ownership of an AA rated private trade bank is far and above all other types of investments.

  2. Hi Marut,
    this is a universal view, that real estate, especially when we speak about land without premises that have to be maintained throughout the years, is the best investment.
    However, if you see what has been done in Japan, where counter-inflation forced people or the investors in general, to postpone a decision for the next year because they will buy even lower, shows that maybe nowadays, land is not the safe harbor for your money.
    (part of an answer to Francesco Gugliotta at our Group in LinkedIn)

    sthetiks Reply:

    @Fanis Zacharis, Gold. Real Estate is also good depending on many factors etc.

  3. Gold is the best invesment now.I agree Real Estate is depending of different factors.

  4. In Naples, Florida real estate for the investor is at an all time best buy. Untouchable beach front properties 5 years ago are going for 40% of their original prices. Many savy investors are buying these choice properties, indicating that the best prices will soon be gone.

  5. Recently I heard legendary investor John Paulson speak. He feels there are three main areas to invest (1) Gold (2) real estate and (3) stocks. Worst investment is bonds of almost any kind as he sees double digit inflation in 2-3 years (at which time stocks may be less attractive.Urges locking in long term rates now as rates will rise over the next few years and wipe out many bond investors. Be a borrower not a lender and buy gold.

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  6. One of the best investments in today’s difficult / dull investment panorama is Diamonds.
    I see every day people invest in Loose Diamonds, like they would invest in a piece of land, a property, a painting.
    A very wise man and real estate tycoon once told me to buy real estate not further than 2hrs drive from your house. F>I> if you live in France and invest in Miami, go figure what one can do or not do with your property ….
    If you buy a diamond you enjoy from it close to you or luck it up in your vault, but you have a control of it, and the day you want to sell it , you will find a buyer who’ll give you profit.
    Any questions regarding loose diamonds and which stones to buy in order to see profit … be in touch
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  7. Long term investments these days are highly risky & are too uncertain. I am a stock trader & have made the most gains & high percentage returns on flipping around large amounts of stock, in short periods of time. I get a high percent/ rate of return on my money by buying large blocks of stocks & selling them within a 2-5 day timeframe. The volatility within the market is a beautiful thing. The volatility in the market will be even greater next year. I do not advocate buying equities & holding long term. There are a few exceptions like buying blue chip, high dividend stocks. However, your best bet is buying & selling within a 1 week period.

    Real estate here in the United States is a bargain, whether you are buying residential or commercial properties. However, once you purchase the property, you will have to hold it for a long time. I don’t foresee real estate prices returning/ rising for many years. There are too many domestic & international economic & political factors that will keep the prices of real estate down. If you put a substantial amount of money into real estate, get ready to hold onto the property for several more years.

    Gold, diamonds, art, antiques & rare/ collectible cars are other options to invest in. My favorite of all is gold of those listed above. Gold is going to go up in value significantly next year. If you buy gold now, you will be pleased at how high the price of gold will increase in 2011.

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    amnonmikecohen Reply:

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