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The 13 Macau: Is this the world’s most expensive hotel?

The first images of billionaire Stephen Hung’s new hotel in Macau were released today with rooms reported to cost upwards of £70,000 a night. Named The 13, after Hung’s lucky number, the hotel could quite possibly be the most expensive hotel ever built: more than US$7 million is believed to have been spent on each room, of which there will be 200 when the hotel opens this summer.

The 13 hotel, Macau

The Roman bath in the Villa du Comte


The smallest of the suites available, Villa du Comte, is described in the hotel’s new promotional video – quite ironically – as ‘entry-level accommodation’.

The 13 Macau

An entry-level bathroom at The 13 Macau




The room measures 2,000 square feet and has a marble Roman bath, framed by vaulted ceilings, which fits up to eight people and is covered by a retractable marble lid when not in use. The largest suite, at 30,000 square feet, is Villa de Stephen.

All guests will have access to 24-hour butlers, certified by the English Guild of Butlers, and chauffeur service in a fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

Villa du Comte rooms are decorated with extravagant artwork and faceted chrome furniture designed by Stephen Hung and leading artistsGuests who stay in one of the hotel's Villa du Comte rooms will be greeted by this scene when they exit their own private lift

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