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How To Get The Charm Of The Italian Country Decorating Theme In Your Home SE


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Decorative accessories are the icing on any decorating scheme and should help pull your Italian country decorating theme together. In keeping with the ambiance of the Tuscan countryside, you want to choose informal and elegant accessories that have a simple, country feeling. When shopping to enhance your Italian country look, you’ll want to purchase decorative items like pillows, artwork and knick knacks.

Wall art is key in any room decor, but if you don’t arrange it correctly it can spoil the entire look and feel. You want the center of the print to be at eye level. When hanging a variety of items in a group, it’s a prudent idea to work out the configuration first by placing them on the floor and reconfiguring them until you get that perfect look. To pull together your Italian country decorating theme, try decorating with country prints in simple frames.

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Finding the best knick knacks to compliment your room can be fun as well as help pull the room together. To add interest to your Italian home decorating, stick with accessories that have an informal and elegant appeal. Decorating with a string of peppers hanging on the wall or providing simple pottery in decorative corners. Here is where you can really make the home design your own by acquiring accessories that reflect your personality. Consider shopping at thrift stores or yard sales for those alluring items that won’t cost a lot.

To add softness plus enhance your room design, decorative pillows could be a pleasing choice. Pillows can add value most rooms, the family room, the bedroom, the den and even the kitchen. In the bedroom, match them to your interior design but buy patterns and fabrics which are different with one coordinating element. If you don’t have money for new furniture for your family room or living room, decorative pillows should help give the Italian home decorating look to your old furniture. You can use pillows in the kitchen or bath by using chairs, shelving and any corner or any interesting spot. To appropriately match your home decor, go for pillows that have fringes.

Some other accessories which can help complete the feel of the Tuscan countryside include dried flowers, wrought iron candleholders, and ironstone china. Be certain the accessories you use do show a coordinating theme or color as well as work with the room design. You can’t be too unique or the ambiance you are striving for might become diluted.

Decorating with old pottery, chippy painted items can add a professional style to your Italian country decorating theme. However before you go out and choose a bunch of stuff, you should have an idea of what types of pieces you would like and shop for those pieces. When picking out accessories, proportion is essential so be sure you end up with items in the sizes you need. If you decorate with these rules, you’ll be able to adorn your space with pieces that work wonderul with each other.

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