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Baldi creates for Harrods window a $790k crystal bathtub



Baldi, the Italian company renowned for its use of precious materials to create essential home luxuries such as bathtubs, vases, bowls and lamps, have created their masterpiece with the “Rock crystal bathtub.” The astonishing three-person bath was carved out of a single piece of rock crystal found in the Amazonian rainforest. 2.5 meters in diameter, it took six months to carve. This luxurious bathtub is the second to be made from the immense block. The original was shown at Salone del Mobile in 2008 and immediately caught fancy of a Russian magnate, who splurged $858,763 (700,000 Euros) for the tub. But, the company has now created another one especially for the Harrods window, and is by no means a replica of the first. Each is unique, though both were sculpted with diamond cuts and left partially rough to expose the natural beauty of the crystal. This bathtub-cum-bathroom sculpture adorns an ornate price tag of $790,310, slightly cheaper than the first creation. 

another option : malachite bath tub sitting on 24-carat gold feet at $222,000 price tag.

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More on BALDI company. 

Art as heritage. Art as tradition. Art as a passion. This is BALDI, from the cradle of Rinascimento to the heart of a worldwide renowned production. For its refined taste, its great aesthetic sense and a workmanship tradition which turns ancient techniques and original practices into real works of art. Artists and artisans, inspiration and handicraft, creativity and devotion: a unique patrimony dating back to 1867 and blending in today’s BALDI.
Today as it was in the past. Always respecting the most ancient handicraft techniques. From the great traditions of two great families, Ponziani and Consani, starts a single business in Florence, city of art and cradle of the Rinascimento, which still gives life to works and replicas of great value.
Vincenzo Consani (1818 – 1887), a very refined and renowned sculptor of the Canova school, made various statues and busts, as well as memorials in the neo-classical style, still treasured in very prestigious palaces and museums- such as “La Vittoria” at the Palazzo Pitti, the “Amazzone ferita” at the Quirinale in Roma. A rewarded artist of the ars scultorea, Vincenzo Consani handed down to posterity his inclination to dealing with materials, his perception of beauty, his tireless longing for stopping the time with shapes. In the early 1800’s the Ponziani family was running its restoration workshop of antique furniture in Florence. The passion for antichità, the perfect mastery of working techniques such as lacquering, gilding and varnishing, as well as the great artistic taste which has always animated the Ponziani Bottega, made it famous not only for the restoration but also for the reproduction of furniture, sculptures and candelabras, an heritage coming from the past to the present.
Generation after generation, BALDI has handed down its artisans a great mastery in reproducing artigianalmente objects and works of art. 

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