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St. Regis, Christian Dior Team for Atelier Accommodations

Dior Suite The St Regis New Yorkat – Photos By George Chinsee

The St. Regis New York has unveiled its new Dior Suite, the second fashion-centric abode for the hotel after ifs collaboration earlier this year with Tiffany & Co. Consisting of a bedroom, one-and-a-half bathrooms, a dining room and living room, the suite’s design details were inspired by the house’s Parisian ateliers. The decadently designed, 1700-square-foot space is almost entirely “whispering” gray, the house’s signature shade.

Dior Suite The St Regis New YorkThis is the hotel’s second go-around with the Parisian house, having opened an original Dior Suite in 1991.

“Dior has had a long history with us. They’ve been here since the hotel reopened in the early 1990s,” said Paul H.F. Nash, the St. Regis’ general manager. “So this is a reinvigoration of the partnership that we have had for 20 years.”


Guests can stay at the decked-out digs — for $8,500 a night.

bonus video : St. Regis NYC Hotel Room Review New York City, NY (not Dior Suite)


Top 10 Luxury Hotel Suites & Villas on Las Vegas Strip : 2. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

It’s officially known as Las Vegas Boulevard, but in reality it’s a strip of glitz and glam of unrivalled proportions. To say it’s over the top might be an understatement. The Strip is the main drag of gambling U.S.A. and home to most of the top Hotels, casinos and nightclubs Las Vegas style! A stroll down the Strip at night is a blaze of blinking lights and a sea of humanity making its way to that winning slot machine. Night time is also the most comfortable time of day to be outdoors in the Las Vegas heat zone, so take your stroll under the stars and bask in the glow.

What really took me aback about Las Vegas is that it’s a lot more than casinomania.  The town most of the time buzzes with high-tech conventioneers (Couture show and JCK presented in this issue), weekending couples and families out for a little fun in the desert sun, not to mention people searching for pleasure in the capital of sin. Great! the next question arises; where to stay?

‘‘F’’” Luxury World – Luxury Travel Services selects for you the top 10 Hotel Suites & Villas for an unforgettable Las Vegas trip. Enjoy !


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Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World


A modern, indoor version of markets along with cinemas, bowling alley and huge parking lots, yeah! For instance you will think that this list is of largest shopping malls in ASIA but in actual 70% of world class largest shopping malls are in ASIA, China is the biggest market and center of business

1. South China Mall, China

South China Mall Largest Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

This shopping mall is one of the world’s largest shopping malls, it also has included the wind mills and theme parks, it opened in 2005 and its area is 7.1 million sq ft.

2. Golden Resources Shopping Mall, China

Golden Resources Shopping Mall China Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

This mall has 1,000 stores including the global brands like Nike and DKNY. This was opened in 2004 and has an area of 6 mill sq ft.

3. SM Mall of Asia, Philippines

SM Mall of Asia Philippines Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World
This has the Olympic-sized swimming pool and a theater. It was opened in 2006 and has an area of 4.2 million sq ft.

4. Cevahir Istanbul

Cevahir Mall Istanbul Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

It is Europe’s largest shopping mall and has a roller coaster, wave pool and several theaters. It was opened in 2005 and has an area of 3.8 million sq ft.

5. West Edmonton Mall, Canada

West Edmonton Mall Canada Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

This has 800 stores abd water, skating rink, casino and rides. It was opened in 1981 and has an area of 3.8 million sq ft.

6. SM Megamall, Philippines

SM Megamall Philippines Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

This has 12 movie thaters, ice staking, bowling and traditional mall fare arcade games. It was opened in 1991 and has an area of 3.6 million sq ft.

7. Berjaya Times Square, Malaysia

Berjaya Times Square Malaysia Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

This has 1,000 shops and has 12 story high roller coaster, pool, skating rink and Cosmo’s World and a theme park for kids. It was opened in 2005 and has an area of 3.4 million sq ft.

8. Beijing Mall, China

Beijing Mall China Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

This has a parking range of 8,000 cars, a man-made beach and many other services. This was opened in 2005 and has an area of 3.4 million sq ft.


9. Zhengjia Plaza, China

Zhengjia Shopping Plaza China Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World
This mall has a hotel and different retail stores. Its area is 2 million sq ft.

10. SM City North Edsa, Philippines

sm north edsa mall Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

It is a five storey complex, has 1000 shops and restaurants with 12 cinemas, a bowling alley and skating rink. Its area is 3 million sq ft.







Salvatore Ferragamo will host first online luxury trunk show

by Cathy O’Brien at

Salvatore Ferragamo announced today that they will host their first online trunk show on Friday, August 5. The iconic design house will feature their handbag, shoe and ready-to-wear collections during the online trunk show which will allow clients to pre-order from the fall collection. Salvatore Ferragamo will host the trunk show for three weeks; giving fashion-savvy shoppers ample time to place their fall orders. The trunk show is only being offered to customers in the United States.

Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann, granddaughter of Ingrid Bergman and a longtime friend and client of Salvatore Ferragamo, will model the fall and winter runways looks for the trunk show. “I absolutely loved being a part of the Fall 2011 Ferragamo look book, not only because the clothes are gorgeous, but also because I have been an avid admirer of Ferragamo for so many years! The materials are luxurious and the designs are fun and feminine with a hint of strong men’s tailoring. I found the collection to be glamorous and sexy but still chic and sophisticated!

Shoppers will also be treated to the new photographs from the fall advertising campaign modeled by Daria Werbowy and Mathias Lauridsen and photographed by famed fashion photographer Mikael Jansson. The pictures were taken at the Villa d’Este in Lake Como, Italy.

The Salvatore Ferragamo online trunk show is unique in the luxury, online marketplace. There will be a user-friendly styling tool which allows customers to mix and match pieces together to see how they will look. The online styling tool will also allow clients to piece together looks from the runway designed by Creative Director Massimiliano Giornetti. Shoppers will also have the ability to share the looks they create on Twitter on Facebook.

The Salvatore Ferragamo online trunk show is the perfect chance for handbag fans to pre-order the handbags they love from the design house’s fall 2011 runway collection before the most popular styles are sold out.

The Salvatore Ferragamo online trunk show will go live on Friday, August 5, 2011 at

video bonus : The Making of Salvatore Ferragamo AW 2011 Campaign



Top 5 Luxury Branded Videos of 2011

at L2

Last week at the L2 Video and Celebrity Clinic the team presented a countdown of the five best branded videos from the prestige industry based on the brand channels with the highest number of subscribers. For more information on methodology for the selection of videos, please read the notes in italics at the end.

5. Tiffany & Co – True Love Grows



Sweet, sentimental, and absolutely touching. All the women at the L2 office were going crazy for this video from Tiffany, which means it’s both stunning and completely on brand. 371,844 views on YouTube.

4. Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle



This video from Chanel speaks to the power of integrated media. This video originally appeared as an abridged television spot but was also posted in full on the brand’s YouTube channel. Chanel added the video to a custom tab on their Facebook page and effectively promoted the branded content across all social channels. This is the mark of success driven by digital integration. 689,718 views.

3. Armani – Megan Fox Underwear



“Megan Fox Underwear” is a prime example of how brands can benefit from choosing the right celebrities to promote their product. In one day March of 2011 Armani saw a 661,784 of their 1,389,023 views to date. The spike is largely the result of Megan Fox talking about the video on her social network, suggesting that in most cases hosting and/or promoting video on celebrity platforms can prove more effective than trying to gain viewership only on brand channels.

2. Cartier – Calibre de Cartier: Episode II



Luxury brands have some of the finest creative at their disposal. Carier takes advantage of that fact with Episode II. 765,550 views on YouTube.

1. Burberry Brights



Once again, Burberry’s Brights video is the picture of leading edge innovation. This is just the beginning of shop-able video and interactive experiences created through HTML5, but expect more as brands attempt to turn passive viewing experiences into active participation on the part of the consumer. Due to the interactive features of the Burberry Brights video, the official video can not be embedded into the blog. Instead we have embedded a demo and you can view the official experience here.

See the Countdown On Demand

Did you miss the L2 Video and Celebrity Clinic but still want to catch up?  You can catch the event broadcast stream on demand from

A note on methodology: Any and all brands in our L2 luxury and/or beauty studies were eligible for top five inclusion.  The top videos were selected based on the video that was promoted by the brands with the most YouTube subscribers in the industry.

Bottle of white wine sets world record price

Don't drop it! Christian Vanneque gets his hands on the bottle of 1811 Chateau d'YquemBy Alice Baghdjian at Reuters

The sale of a 200-year-old bottle of white wine for 75,000 pounds ($121,000) has set a new Guinness World Record for the most valuable bottle of white wine ever sold. The buyer of the 1811 Château d’Yquem was private collector Christian Vanneque, former head Sommelier at the Michelin starred La Tour d’Argent restaurant in Paris.

Though Château d’Yquem is famed for being one of the finest and most expensive sweet white wines, the 1811 vintage has a particular attraction for wine enthusiasts. The climatology of the year, reviews from tastings, as well as the auspicious appearance of the Great Comet in that year, all indicate an excellent wine.

“This wine is very special — it is attached to the most renowned white wine in the world, and it was produced in the year of the Great Comet, which was believed to enhance the quality of the wine,” Vanneque told Reuters. “It is a rare wine, which been tasted on three occasions and each time received five out of five stars,” he added. “It was not just purchased as an investment – it is also going to be an enjoyment.”

“I did not know it was the most expensive white wine ever sold when I purchased it, but I did know it was the most expensive wine I had ever paid for.” The high concentration of sugar in Château d’Yquem means it has a drinking life which far outstrips that of other wines.

The wine will be displayed in a bullet-proof, temperature and hydrometrically controlled showcase for six years at his restaurant, the SIP Sunset Grill in Bali. “I will open it in six years to mark the 50th anniversary of when I began work in Paris and share it with my wife, brothers and friends — I already know what the menu will be,” Vanneque said.

The private sale was by the Antique Wine Company, which had also held the previous record for white wine — an 1887 Château d’Yquem at $100,000. “I always have a tear in my eye when I sell a bottle of wine but I’m comforted by the knowledge that it has been purchased by someone passionate about wine and it’s going to a good home,” said company Managing Director Stephen Williams.



Top – 10 Best Greek Hotel Suites & Villas : Andronis Luxury Suites – Santorini

10. Andronis Luxury Suites – Santorini

bonus video : Wedding to Andronis Luxury Suites, Santorini

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Top 10 Handbags

by The Style Group
The Hermes Birkin tops The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags. A feeding frenzy for this particular accessory has reached such heights that similar crocodile-skin models were offered in the US for as much as $80,000. But even if you’ve got the money to spend, there’s a waiting list. The bag’s manufacturer, Hermès, wrings its hands and apologises that demand for its leather goods is so high that there is a waiting list of up to nine months for finished items.
Number Two on The Style Group Top Ten Luxury Handbags list is The Kelly bag, named after the Princess Grace of Monaco. Only a few products – like a Chanel haute couture suit or an Hermes Kelly
bag – may remain an unattainable dream for the majority of fashionistas.
Silvia Fendi worked in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld to embellish the trademark Fendi handbag– the baguette–Number 3 on The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags list. Fendi crafted a mosaic of purses, which came out for the first time in the 1999 fall/winter collection.
Our pick for Number 4 on The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbagslist is this Louis Vuitton and Japanese artist Takashi Murakamicreation–a hip new bag for the young at heart. What an original idea–the classic logo updated in playful colors! Expected for the Spring/Summer Collection.
The Style Group picks this Balenciaga handbag as our Number 5 pick onThe Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags. If you find one, grab it! This great new “motorcycle” handbag from Balenciaga is extremely hard to get your hands on!
Always the quintissential luxury statement, Dior makes The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags list with this elegantly understated and brilliantly designed bag! John Galliano, Dior’s successor, follows his predecessor’s style with an equally flawless number–blending today’s freedom of expression with the reminiscence of an opulent past.
There will always be a Prada on The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags list and this new one is modern, quirky and has perhaps the most hip style available. As you know, Prada bags continue to be the most imitated fashion accessories in recent years.
The Style Group picks this large-topped handle bag in black satin and feathers with bamboo handle as our Number 8 pick on our
Top Ten Luxury Handbags list. The signature style is from “One of the first status labels”, Gucci!
The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags includes the Bottega Veneta Tote bag at Number 9. Perfect for those with the need to be chic! As with all Bottega Veneta products, it’s masterfully constructed.
The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags would be remiss without aTOD’S entry on our list! The Tod’s brand has exploded in the past two years with the products being coveted by the most influential people world-wide. How about that!

5 Of The Best Shoe Blogs On The Web


We like to joke to our friends that we write about shoes all day, but that’s not actually true. We also write a lot about Kanye West, delicious snacks and, on occasion, bridesmaids dresses. But Sophie Theallet’s collection of shoes and bags for Nine West inspired us to seek out the very best in people who write about shoes online, and we think we’ve found the five best of the bunch. Take a look at our favorite shoe blogs, below.

1. Shoelust Shoelust

What could possibly be better than a blog filled with pictures of nothing but amazing shoes? Nothing, that’s what.

Sea of Shoes2. Sea of Shoes


 Not only is Jane Aldridge, who runs the personal style blog Sea of Shoes, the nicest person we’ve ever met, she’s also super knowledgeable about footwear. People come to her blog for pretty pictures of shoes and leave with more knowledge about Nicholas Kirkwood than they ever realized they needed to have. 



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