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Working Group 606/06

Dissemination and Exploitation

No of members

WG Leader



Theo Zacharis


01 Objectives

To promote dissemination and impact of the Action results to all interested entities

02 Tasks

T6.1 Design and maintain Action website and social media; T6.2 WG6 meetings & STSMs; T6.3 Public communications & engagement including organising training schools, workshops, and the final year conference.

03 Activities

Involved in all MC and WG6 meetings, contribute to annual and final reports, organise the final year conference and helping the other WG-focused conferences, manage dissemination and exploitation, training schools, STSMs.


M6.1: Action online website in month 3; M6.2: Final COST conference in month 47.


The Dissemination and Exploitation Working Group is dedicated to maximizing the impact of our collaborative efforts in addressing the challenges of brain cancer research across Europe. This group recognizes that effective dissemination of research findings and the strategic exploitation of knowledge are paramount for translating scientific discoveries into meaningful clinical outcomes. Through a dynamic and multidimensional approach, the working group aims to develop comprehensive strategies for communicating research outputs to diverse stakeholders, including the scientific community, healthcare practitioners, policymakers, and the general public. Our working group is committed to fostering a culture of open communication and knowledge sharing, employing innovative channels.
Simultaneously, we will explore avenues for the practical exploitation of our collective knowledge, seeking opportunities for technology transfer, collaborations with industry partners, and the development of tools and methodologies that can directly benefit patients and healthcare systems.
By aligning dissemination and exploitation strategies with the overarching goals of Net4Brain COST Action, Working Group 6 aims to amplify the impact of our consortium members' research, drive societal awareness, and catalyze real-world improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer. Through collaborative initiatives and engagement with diverse stakeholders, we aspire to ensure that the outcomes of our research contribute significantly to the advancement of brain cancer care and management. The success of our Working Group hinges on the active involvement of each member, and we encourage you to contribute your unique insights, experiences, and skills to our shared objectives. Whether you have a passion for effective science communication, a keen interest in knowledge exploitation, or simply a desire to make a meaningful impact in the field, your participation is crucial. Together, we can foster an environment of collaboration, creativity, and innovation. If you're eager to contribute to shaping the dissemination and exploitation strategies that will drive the translational impact of our research, we warmly welcome your active involvement in the Working Group.
Join us as we collectively strive to make a difference in the landscape of brain cancer research.