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Luxury Holidays in Israel

by Sharon B.R

galyam4Israel has so much to offer for the holiday maker – incredible history and archeological sites, a plethora of museums and galleries, world class shopping including the wares of local designers that are not easily found outside the country, fantastic beaches, fine dining as well as marvelous fast food, and pubs and cafes that are full of energy and great vibes. In fact, there isn’t much that cannot be found in Israel and plenty that you won’t find anywhere else.

For those with the means though, there is only one way to truly enjoy the Holy Land, and that is by doing it in the lap of luxury. And in this area too, Israel has an abundance of riches from five star hotels to luxury apartments in Tel Aviv; there is a luxury facility to cater for the most discerning traveler.

lagoon1As a general rule, luxury accommodation in Israel is in close proximity to one of two things – the beach or sites of historical significance. In the cases of Tel Aviv and Caesarea they may be in close proximity to both the beach and sites of historical significance. However, in the country’s major cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, this rule holds firm. Jerusalem has no coastline but it does have Israel’s most visited tourist attraction, the Western Wall.

Similarly, when it comes to luxury accommodation, the well-established primary rule of real estate holds sway in Israel just as it does in the rest of the world – location, location, location. For example, sea view apartments in Tel Aviv are perhaps the place to be during Israel’s long hot summers, where everything seems to revolve around the beach and its immediate surroundings. And why not?

The Mediterranean coastline that runs along Israel’s western border is a national treasure. With vast expanses of soft, clean sand and clear and warm waters, the beach is the place to see and be seen not only during summer but also during Israel’s temperate winters where people are always walking on the sand or exercising on the beach or along the boardwalk that runs the length of Jaffa and continues well past the newly refurbished Tel Aviv port and onto the Yarkon Park.

Yes, Israel is a small country in anyone’s language, however it contains a lot of quality in a very small space which leads to an ease of getting to indulge in all the class that this country exudes. And it is not just limited to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Drive north from Tel Aviv and you will arrive to the city of Herzliya with its embassies, mansions, and superb beaches. Kfar Shmaryahu borders Herzliya and I no less prestigious an address. The list of cities continue – Arsuf, Michmoret, the home of oligarchs and the prime minister – Caesarea. Luxury in Israel is in disproportion to its size.

However, don’t take my word for it. Come and see for yourself and enjoy your time in the lap of luxury.


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