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Who lives in a House like this?


A small Quiz for the weekend. Who lives in a house like this? Imagine, who would have such taste and live in such opulence?

– American  Billionaire?
– Saudi Prince?
– Louis  XIV  of  France ?  


the answer : This Mansion is in Harare and belongs  to The  President of Zimbabwe  – Robert  Mugabe . The correct answer was given by Bronwyn Grey on Wed 10th Nov. 2010. Bravo Bronwyn!

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Give us Your answer at The correct answer in a few days.

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10 Comments to “Who lives in a House like this?”

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  2. It’s quite traditional not archaic however. Then there is date tree. It’s most probably SAUDI PRINCE

  3. Mª Manuel Oliveira

    It is luxury like in a fairy tale. Luxury used as it was in Luis XIV times but renewed with up-to-date comfort and technology.
    It is definetely owned by a Saudi Prince.
    That’s why I understand that people can live in a house like this.All depends on mentality combined with culture.

    Fanis Zacharis Reply:

    @Mª Manuel Oliveira,
    I’m afraid it’s not a Saudi Prince

  4. Mª Manuel Oliveira

    If it is not a Saudi Prince really I don’t understand. If the ownwer is an American billionaire, it is odd because in spite of all the deluxe furniture and decoration it does’nt fit with American pragamatism because I can’t see anyone from the western world living commonnly and daily in such an environment.It doesn’t fill the patterns. Only if it is to be seen, visited as in a museum and not used…(Try to sit in one oh those chairs or sofas to watch TV or read a book and tell the sensation)

    Fanis Zacharis Reply:

    @Mª Manuel Oliveira, it doesn’t have to be one of the three

  5. I certainly wouldn’t like to live in a house like this. Could be a Saoudi Prince but the house is not in that area of the world.

  6. Catherine Seress

    I think it is the home of Ms. Oprah Winfrey.

    Fanis Zacharis Reply:

    @Catherine Seress, No Catherine, it’s not

  7. With all of the money lavished on this residence, I am stunned at the quite mediocre private cinema, with a large screen TV positioned to the left. Luxury this is definitely not in terms of grand private screening rooms….even with its giant projection screen.

    I have no idea who’s residence this is. However, the elements appear to well done, and most certainly provided the opportunity for artisans do express their talent.


    Michael Leader

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