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WATCH: The 11 Best Fashion Videos Of The Year


by Verena von Pfetten  at StyleIt

How will we remember 2011? Probably as The Year When All That Stuff Happened. There was no shortage of scandal and intrigue, public unrest and famous people dying. But there were also weddings, births, record-breaking auctions and amazing clothes presented on every catwalk. Which is why we’d like to remember this year’s best moments in fashion — as a reminder that when the rest of the world talks, the fashion world listens, responds and grows.

There’s nothing we love more than a good fashion video, but while the industry just loves to masquerade marketing in movie form, not all YouTube clips are created equal. And that’s why we took it upon ourselves to compile the 11 most entertaining fashion videos of 2011. Some are branded, some are personal, and some are just downright hilarious. (We’re looking at you, Kate Moss.) Take a look and tell us which one was your favorite.


Karen Elson, Raquel Zimmermann, & Alber Elbaz Dance Adorably For Lanvin

Lanvin had Karen ElsonRaquel Zimmermann, Lowell TautchinMilo Spijkers, and Alber Elbaz dance toPitbull‘s “I Know You Want Me”, and it’s totally amazing. The models (and Alber!) all adorably perform a routine that’s offbeat in every sense of the word. It totally reminds us of dancing in front of our bedroom mirror with our best friend when we were ten. It helps that the clothes are great too, of course.

Drunk Dude Vacuums Hotel Bed In Marc Jacobs Lady Dress

This resort preview is totally irreverent, starring a beer-guzzling guy vacuuming a hotel bed while wearing a $5700 embroidered dress and $595 plastic and lace pumps. The entire thing was shot in black and white, save for the green frock and shoes. And it’s so quintessentially Marc.

Chanel Cosmetics Dance Better Than You Do

This video involves characters cleverly crafted out of Chanel makeup products and tools. SO CLEVER. And the plot? “[The] characters embark on a journey that begins with a lipstick-powered automaton blasting through the clouds and ends on more familiar ground, with a model whose chic ensemble channels Mme Chanel herself.” You really have to watch it for yourself to understand the awesomeness. But trust us, it’s awesome.

Kate Moss Gets Drunk With A Depressed Teddy Bear

Meet Misery Bear. According to his website, he’s the “loneliest, saddest and drunkest bear in the world. Nothing ever goes his way… and he’s just trying to get through his depressing life in one piece. He drinks too much, hates his job, and can’t get a girlfriend.” Until the day he decided to spend 24 hours on a bouncy ball, meets Kate Moss, gets drunk, and realizes that even supermodels have their psychotic tendencies.

Tavi Gevinson Sings A Gorgeous Cover Of Joni Mitchell

If you needed another reason to love Tavi Gevinson, her gorgeous cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Case of You” (which she dedicated to Mindy Kaling, natch) should do nicely.

The Most Amazing Makeup Tutorial Of All Time

Cassandra posts tons of makeup tutorials under the YouTube name DiamondsandHeels14, and while the video in question is a year old, it only went viral this year. Cassandra suffers from severe cystic acne — the kind that no amount of medicine can seem to clear up. However, you would have absolutely no clue thanks to her flawless makeup job. We think it’s incredibly brave for Cassandra to show viewers what her skin looks like sans cosmetics, and pretty damn empowering to see how she deals with her insecurity. Three words: you go, girl. Also, do our makeup some time?

Bergdorfs Serves Up Holiday Spirit With A Side Of PUPPIES

Get ready, because this one is a tearjerker! For this year’s holiday video, Bergdorf Goodman went to the dogs. In what is ultimately the most adorable piece of luxury marketing we’ve ever seen, a group of well, erm, groomed canines take over NYC’s fanciest department store for some doggy-inspired holiday shopping. Watch whether or not you love dogs — and finish it for the seriously heart-warming ending.

Zombie Boy Sells Us What May Be The World’s Best Concealer

If you’ve ever wondered what Zombie Boy looks like without all his prodigious body art, this commercial forDermablend Leg and Body Cover will blow your mind.

Beyonce Tames A Hyena In Givenchy Haute Couture

We’re pretty sure the Fashion (with a capital F) in this video is what made this song so successful. Givenchy Haute Couture, Alexander McQueenNorma KamaliPucci, and Gareth Pugh are just a few of the designers whose fierce creations make this video an optical explosion.

Awesome Step Team Breaks It Down In Target Frocks

This clip stars the Bronx’s Bad News step team performing in a number of Target’s re-released Go International dresses (and super cool glasses!). We love it not only for the clothes, but because of the girls’ sick moves.

Zooey Deschanel Goes Back To The Future In Courrèges

The video for “Don’t Look Back” by She & Him (yes, Zooey Deschanel’s band) begins with a dedication of sorts: “In appreciation of the stylists and designers of America,” the screen reads. The highly stylized Jeremy Konner-directed vid has Deschanel rocking Courrèges and Miu Miu, and a group dance number is more than a little reminiscent of those awesome Gap khaki ads from the ’90s. Maybe that’s the point! The whole thing reminds us how annoyingly twee Deschanel is, yet we love her all the same.

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