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Van Der Bauwede Genève – Baselworld Models


VDBA watch and jewellery company for several generations, Van Der Bauwede Genève epitomizes ultimate luxury and displays boundless creativity in fulfilling your desires. Endowed with unique Swiss know-how and proven technical expertise, our teams of designers, watchmakers and jewellers demonstrate an exuberantly imaginative approach enabling them to create models distinguished by daring shapes and subtle nuances.

vdbtwilight1This year the major new watch model is synonymous with horolgoical complication with the VDB Legend T. Crown collection for men, equipped with a Tourbillon and retailing at CHF 19,800. For ladies, the TWILIGHT collection is in spotlight, with watches driven by calibres 15 and 10 on the one hand; as well as fine jewellery and jewellery models featuring a number of non-set and gem-set creations interpreting the same vampire-style theme. Finally, the IVY CLASSIC straps, a brand signature for the past 20 years, are making a grand comeback in the form of IVY PRECIOUS models set with diamonds of various colours and matching the stunning rings of the HENNA collection, brimming with vivid arabesque motifs inspired by oriental designs.

The must-have collections such as the VDB Legend Rider collections for men, and the women’s SNAKE, NEB-K, OCEAN DREAM, BUTTERFLY or VDB Diamond Solitaire watch, fine jewellery and jewellery collections are all there and are interpreted in countless different ways procuring a wide variety of pleasures.

vdbtwilight2The TWILIGHT collection is dedicated to the deep-seated
emotions we can feel pulsing through our veins. TWILIGHT
is an invitation to catch a glimpse of eternity. Embodying
both light and darkness it offers contrasts as powerful
as day and night, fire and ice, black and white – while
revealing a ‘blood’ red shade and exuding a rock-inspired


Pendant 00754
750 white gold (30 g)
Set with 1.25 cts of white diamonds, 1.70 cts
of black diamonds, 31.97 cts of heart-shaped
rubellites and 4.26 cts of teardrop-shaped
Earrings 00755
750 white gold (20 g)
Set with 0.24 cts of white diamonds, 2.50 cts
of black diamonds, 18.34 cts of oval-shaped
rubellites and 3.12 cts of teardrop-shaped
Ring 00757
750 white gold (21 g)
Set with 0.80 cts of white diamonds, de 1.25 cts
of black diamonds and 14.02 cts of rubellites
Ring 00758
750 white gold (20 g)
Set with 1.50 cts of white diamonds, 0.12 cts of
black diamonds and 11.10 cts of rubellites

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