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Valentine’s Gifts for Him


by LUX Worldwide


Bremont Alt1-C Classic

Not been given any hints as to what the man in your life want’s for Valentine’s? Let us help…

Although they may be reluctant to actually come out and say it, most men long for a Valentine’s present at least as much as women, yet typical gentlemanly reserve normally puts paid to these pleas. Indeed, shopping for men is notoriously difficult, especially around an occasion in which so easily slides into oversentimentality.

Despite the troubles, it’s worth persevering. No matter what, he won’t forget the stunning watch or beautiful briefcase you bought him, and you can be sure that you won’t regret it either. If you’re having a little difficulty deciding on what exactly to get, we have selected a range of gifts that any man would be overjoyed to receive.

Bremont Alt1-C Classic

Bremont’s inherent Britishness always makes them a firm favourite in the world of men’s watches, and what man could resist the ruggedly elegant looks of the Alt1-C Classic? The large yet mostly unadorned case and simple, pared-down dial add a touch of refinement to an otherwise practical watch, which just so happens to be highly accurate – COSC certified in fact.

Designed first and foremost as a pilots watch, the Alt1-C Classic lives up to its name in timeless elegance. Rugged enough to brave the elements while sporting a level of sophistication to match any boardroom. The design itself, particularly with the beautiful cream dial, complemented by black subdials, is one that is never going to age and, with the Alt1-C collection as a whole reaching almost iconic status, It’s a piece that will look as good now as it does in twenty years’ time.

Available from MR PORTER here

Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic Pen

Why is a pen never around when you need one? Usually because the person looking for one doesn’t own a pen worth keeping to hand. A luxurious writing instrument is something which, as beautiful and ornate as they can get, is inherently useful. And it always looks good when signing a cheque. While brands such as Montblanc and Montegrappa are normally the go-to manufacturers, sometimes it’s worth going for something a little more unique.

Graf Von Faber-Castell are anything but ordinary. From the distinctive clip to the unusual patterns and materials, each writing instrument is a carefully constructed work of artisanal skill and expertise. More than that, they draw admiration like few other pens. After all, it’s not often you see a finely made fountain pen with a wooden barrel. Graf’s Classic in rare Grenadilla is particularly eye-catching, with a grain unique to each pen. This is what makes it particularly special – there’s not another exactly like it anywhere in the world.

Available in store at New Cavendish Jewellers

Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket                     Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic Pen         Hermès Terre d`Hermès

Montblanc Meisterstuck Selection   Paul Smith Casey Loafers                        Ties from Drakes

Double Gusset Briefcase

Montblanc Meisterstück Selection Double Gusset Briefcase

Every professional needs a briefcase that does them justice. Turning up to a meeting with a battered messenger bag or, perish the thought, a rucksack, does not exactly do credit to the man carrying them. On the other hand an elegant, luxurious briefcase is likely to make those around the table stand up and take notice. The Meisterstück Double Gusset Briefcase from Montblanc is precisely that.

Handmade from the finest Italian leather, the pared-down look of the beautifully understated briefcase is second-to-none, adding a touch of class to a practical necessity. Practical it indeed is, with two large compartments and additional pocket to keep everything in order. The leather too, fine though it is, is hardwearing enough to survive the commute for years to come. With the iconic Montblanc emblem marking the finishing though, the Meisterstück signals some serious style.

Available online at

Paul Smith Coral Leather Casey Loafers

Sometimes restraint is a good thing – board meetings, fine dining – yet sometimes you just want to cut loose. At times like this, restraint is most definitely not what you want. Instead a confident man wants something fun, bold and eye-catching, and what could be more so than some bright red shoes?

Paul Smith as ever injects some energy into an otherwise classical item. His Casey Loafers are arguably the ultimate casual shoe, comfortable and easy to wear yet undeniably stylish. In bright red, it takes a big personality to pull them off, but the results are worth it. The ideal injection of colour into an otherwise subdued outfit, just wearing them is a style statement, one that shows that the man wearing them knows how to dress to impress.

Available online at

Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket

The Roadmaster Jacket by Belstaff is the ultimate accessory for the gentlemen with a penchant for biking. Whether that is a passion they put to fruition on the back of a Harley or not, a Belstaff jacket is as stylish as it is protective.

Launched in 1924 by Harry Grosberg, Belstaff has a rich and varied past and thus have a collection to celebrate this. Their most popular designs of past and present are encompassed into one collection aptly named ‘The Legends Collection.’ One of their most recognisable ‘Legends’ designs, the Roadmaster, features Belstaff’s classic ergonomic design and is constructed from lightweight waxed cotton offering versatility and defence against the elements.

Carefully considered with the motorcyclist in mind, the timeless jacket has been perfected over generations and adapted for individual advantage. Belstaff, as always, have managed to create something that makes you want to live the lifestyle their clothes emanate. Innately cool and perennially chic, a Roadmaster Jacket by Belstaff is the perfect gift for the adventurous type.

Available online at

Ties from Drakes

A tie is a timeless gift, some would say a failsafe other would say unoriginal. However, if the gent in your life appreciates a good quality accessory over a romantic fad, a silk tie from a reputable brand such as Drakes is just the right gift. To add a touch of romance to the occasion why not choose the colour of love itself?

Red has long been associated with affection, however red does not just conjure up ideas of amour. Perhaps more importantly, a red tie is a power tie and every man needs one of these. Symbolising wealth, power, passion and strength, red is the tie colour choice of those who mean business.

All are available online at


Holland & Holland Dressing Gown

Hermès Terre d`Hermès

If the gentleman in your life has not yet found his signature scent it’s essential that you help him find it. A good place to start is often with a classic, masculine scent and one such perfume is Terre d`Hermès. Woody, warm and with a hint of orange zest, Hermès’ fragrance is imbued with strength and manliness yet the subtle citric top notes give a sense of poetry and stop it from being too heavy.

The rich earthy notes are truly a testament of virility and produce an alluring, fresh and dynamic scent that will suit many. Of course, a fragrance is a very personal choice but you must be somewhat selfish when selecting your partner’s perfume because after all you will be smelling it too. Each time you catch a breath of Terre d`Hermès, it will not only evoke memories of the romantic day you spent together on 14th February, but you will be subtly reminded of your partner’s rugged masculinity – never a bad thing.

Available from any Hermès boutique

Holland & Holland Dressing Gown

There are few items that embody old school glamour as much as a silk robe. An item that is entirely indulgent yet completely irresistible, Holland & Holland’s Elephant Robe was inspired by the Maharaja’s of India, and indeed if there is one way to make your partner feel like royalty it’s through the gift of a sumptuous dressing gown. Designed in collaboration with the Maharaja Umang Hutheesing, the robe conjures up extravagant images of India’s heritage and timeless opulence. Exquisite details, including quilted cuffs and collar, and a gorgeous elephant print that was selected from Maharaja’s archives make this the perfect gift for the gentleman in your life.

A silk robe is not necessarily an item you might buy for yourself but one you secretly lust after, therefore choosing a present such as this is utterly indulgent and will be forever cherished.

Whether he’s a sharp dresser, a consummate businessman or simply a lover of fine things, you can find the perfect gift for the man in your life. Watches and pens or ties and dressing gowns, these are gifts which no man can resist, a little bit of luxury for which he will always be thankful. And you could always think of it as an investment. After all, there are plenty more Valentine’s to come.

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