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Top 5 Luxury Branded Videos of 2011


at L2

Last week at the L2 Video and Celebrity Clinic the team presented a countdown of the five best branded videos from the prestige industry based on the brand channels with the highest number of subscribers. For more information on methodology for the selection of videos, please read the notes in italics at the end.

5. Tiffany & Co – True Love Grows



Sweet, sentimental, and absolutely touching. All the women at the L2 office were going crazy for this video from Tiffany, which means it’s both stunning and completely on brand. 371,844 views on YouTube.

4. Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle



This video from Chanel speaks to the power of integrated media. This video originally appeared as an abridged television spot but was also posted in full on the brand’s YouTube channel. Chanel added the video to a custom tab on their Facebook page and effectively promoted the branded content across all social channels. This is the mark of success driven by digital integration. 689,718 views.

3. Armani – Megan Fox Underwear



“Megan Fox Underwear” is a prime example of how brands can benefit from choosing the right celebrities to promote their product. In one day March of 2011 Armani saw a 661,784 of their 1,389,023 views to date. The spike is largely the result of Megan Fox talking about the video on her social network, suggesting that in most cases hosting and/or promoting video on celebrity platforms can prove more effective than trying to gain viewership only on brand channels.

2. Cartier – Calibre de Cartier: Episode II



Luxury brands have some of the finest creative at their disposal. Carier takes advantage of that fact with Episode II. 765,550 views on YouTube.

1. Burberry Brights



Once again, Burberry’s Brights video is the picture of leading edge innovation. This is just the beginning of shop-able video and interactive experiences created through HTML5, but expect more as brands attempt to turn passive viewing experiences into active participation on the part of the consumer. Due to the interactive features of the Burberry Brights video, the official video can not be embedded into the blog. Instead we have embedded a demo and you can view the official experience here.

See the Countdown On Demand

Did you miss the L2 Video and Celebrity Clinic but still want to catch up?  You can catch the event broadcast stream on demand from

A note on methodology: Any and all brands in our L2 luxury and/or beauty studies were eligible for top five inclusion.  The top videos were selected based on the video that was promoted by the brands with the most YouTube subscribers in the industry.

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