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Top 10 Luxury Hotel Suites & Villas on Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip : USA and not only, absolute Playground


It’s officially known as Las Vegas Boulevard, but in reality it’s a strip of glitz and glam of unrivalled proportions. To say it’s over the top might be an understatement. The Strip is the main drag of gambling U.S.A. and home to most of the top Hotels, casinos and nightclubs Las Vegas style! A stroll down the Strip at night is a blaze of blinking lights and a sea of humanity making its way to that winning slot machine. Night time is also the most comfortable time of day to be outdoors in the Las Vegas heat zone, so take your stroll under the stars and bask in the glow.

What really took me aback about Las Vegas is that it’s a lot more than casinomania.  The town most of the time buzzes with high-tech conventioneers (Couture show and JCK presented in this issue), weekending couples and families out for a little fun in the desert sun, not to mention people searching for pleasure in the capital of sin.

Great! the next question arises; where to stay?


‘‘F’’” Luxury World – Luxury Travel Services selects for you the top 10 Hotel Suites & Villas for an unforgettable Las Vegas trip. Enjoy !


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