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Top 10 Handbags

by The Style Group
The Hermes Birkin tops The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags. A feeding frenzy for this particular accessory has reached such heights that similar crocodile-skin models were offered in the US for as much as $80,000. But even if you’ve got the money to spend, there’s a waiting list. The bag’s manufacturer, Hermès, wrings its hands and apologises that demand for its leather goods is so high that there is a waiting list of up to nine months for finished items.
Number Two on The Style Group Top Ten Luxury Handbags list is The Kelly bag, named after the Princess Grace of Monaco. Only a few products – like a Chanel haute couture suit or an Hermes Kelly
bag – may remain an unattainable dream for the majority of fashionistas.
Silvia Fendi worked in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld to embellish the trademark Fendi handbag– the baguette–Number 3 on The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags list. Fendi crafted a mosaic of purses, which came out for the first time in the 1999 fall/winter collection.
Our pick for Number 4 on The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbagslist is this Louis Vuitton and Japanese artist Takashi Murakamicreation–a hip new bag for the young at heart. What an original idea–the classic logo updated in playful colors! Expected for the Spring/Summer Collection.
The Style Group picks this Balenciaga handbag as our Number 5 pick onThe Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags. If you find one, grab it! This great new “motorcycle” handbag from Balenciaga is extremely hard to get your hands on!
Always the quintissential luxury statement, Dior makes The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags list with this elegantly understated and brilliantly designed bag! John Galliano, Dior’s successor, follows his predecessor’s style with an equally flawless number–blending today’s freedom of expression with the reminiscence of an opulent past.
There will always be a Prada on The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags list and this new one is modern, quirky and has perhaps the most hip style available. As you know, Prada bags continue to be the most imitated fashion accessories in recent years.
The Style Group picks this large-topped handle bag in black satin and feathers with bamboo handle as our Number 8 pick on our
Top Ten Luxury Handbags list. The signature style is from “One of the first status labels”, Gucci!
The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags includes the Bottega Veneta Tote bag at Number 9. Perfect for those with the need to be chic! As with all Bottega Veneta products, it’s masterfully constructed.
The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags would be remiss without aTOD’S entry on our list! The Tod’s brand has exploded in the past two years with the products being coveted by the most influential people world-wide. How about that!
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