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The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare earns two Michelin stars


by PursuitIST

A tiny, casual 12-seat eatery in New York City has earned two Michelin stars, the second highest rating in the ranking of the world’s best restaurants. The restaurant, The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, is a stark contrast to the other two-star New York restaurants in Michelin’s latest guide, which will be launched on Thursday.

200 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn, NY 11217
nr. Hoyt St.

It is located in Brooklyn, not Manhattan. Its head chef, Cesar Ramirez, oversees the prepared food store connected to the restaurant, and diners have to bring their own wine. Jean-Luc Naret, director of the Michelin Guides, said it is the restaurant’s innovative, global-inspired dishes that placed it among the best restaurants in the world. “It’s really a kitchen and the chef is cooking in front of you. When you sit down, you have a dream start with the first dish … so it really becomes one of the 300 best restaurants in the world,” Naret said.

Bonus Video : Michelin Star Chefs

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