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the best Ski Resorts in Europe


At a time when most northern European countries facing the strongest snowfall in the last decades, many are those that do not experience the hassle of delays at airports and stations, but instead revel in the most idyllic landscapes of snow-capped mountain in some of the most famous and expensive winter resorts in Europe where the economic crisis never reached.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
«For your eyes only»

A winter resort in the Italian Alps, which owes its fame to the big screen more or less in indescribable natural beauty. It was 1981, when the slopes of the Tofana di Mezzo “evil armed with special snowmobiles” chasing James Bond, they slipped a few exemplary slalom for the needs of the film «For your eyes only». Since then, the slopes of Cortina d’Ampezzo attract winter sports enthusiasts who are not deterred by the sticker prices of accommodation, ranging up to 400 euros a night, as the rough, but excellent slopes at an altitude of 3224 meters.

bonus video : Cortina d’Ampezzo (beautiful although not so winter)

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Madonna di Campiglio, Italy
La «perla» of Italian Alps

A jewel in the necklace of the Italian Alps characterize the idyllic village of 1,000 inhabitants and one of the most famous resorts of the international jet set. The Madonna di Campiglio is situated at an altitude of 1550 meters in the valley of Rendenda and picturesque streets in conjunction with the fairy-tale houses and hotels, will compensate those who devote 400 euros per night for a double room in five star hotel. 

 Gstaad, Switzerland
The diva of the Alps

The village where the winter tourism began in 1895. The discreet luxury and cosmopolitan atmosphere have made the Gstaad in predominantly destination of international stars, among whom Tina Turner, the Elle MacPherson, Paris Hilton and Prince Albert of Monaco. There are also many who will be able to pay 800 euros a night to enjoy the luxurious five star hotels of this enchanting city of Switzerland. The unique shops, meticulous to the last detail of restaurants and nightclubs, compose the whole picture of glam winter getaway.

St. Moritz – Switzerland
At the top of the world

One of the most luxurious and most famous winter resorts in the world, cosmopolitan St.Moritz home for at least a century, the elite of the international jet set, which maintains their villas in the famous resort of the world. Despite the 300 days of sunshine a year the ideal time to visit the famous resort is undoubtedly the winter. This season and held the legendary race on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, a sight that will remain unforgettable for all. With more than 13,000 beds and luxurious restaurants, the St. Moritz fully justifies its title as a destination for blue-blooded and shipowners, as the price of a double room is around 850 euros a night.

Kitzbuhel, Austria
For demanding skiers

Built in the mountains Hahnenkamm, the medieval-type village Kitzbuhel, dating from the 14th century, offers the opportunity to ski in high quality modern facilities, the ski resort, and enjoying the glamorous life style of the Alps. The picturesque houses and small stone streets, be the best backdrop for the winter holidays and rather at a relatively affordable prices compared to other alpine destinations. 

Chamonix, France
Top of Europe

In the heart of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe (3843 meters) Chamonix located at 1035 meters area;  the village is located in higher altitudes throughout France. With ideal slopes for skiing and snowboarding, but also for hikers, the Chamonix is the ideal destination even for lazy people … who just want to muse Europe from the top! With the statue of Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, the instigator of alpinism in the center of the village to remind guests of where they got the reputation, the Chamonix is a resort that has people all the year. Moreover, prices in hotels are very reasonable, with the visitors can spend a night in a luxurious double room EUR 200-250.

Megeve, France
The rival of St. Moritz

The ski center that owes its reputation to Baroness Noémie de Rothschild, the famous family of French tycoons, is one of the most popular winter destinations. When shortly after the First World War, the Baroness De Rothschild tried to find an alternative to St. Moritz, saw this magical village and began to demonstrate a global tourist hub. She built a luxury hotel attracted the elite of  that time. By 1950 it was one of the most famous destinations in Europe.

From the Balkans to the Pyrenees and Alps to the cosmopolitan Finland, Europe keeps the lead of winter tourism. A kind of tourism started from a bet of Johannes Bantrout 1895, who promised those guests in his unique hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland that will visit in the winter, will enjoy a tropical tan! The bet was won, as the sunny winter days in Switzerland fully justified him; since then the area is characterized as the cradle of winter tourism. A lifestyle in the last thirty years, earning increasingly preferred by travelers, tending to surpass even the summer tourism.

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