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SE – 5 Tips To Make Your Caribbean Cruise A Success


SE : Summer Editon ( an anthology of our first articles that worth to be read)

Planning on taking a cruise in the caribbean? These five tips will help you make your cruise a great one!

1. Everyone thinks of only one clothing item to pack when planning a Caribbean cruise; their swimsuit. Eventually, several tank tops and shorts are packed, as well. Mother Nature can be very unpredictable, so you should always include a light jacket and at least one set of warm clothing, as rainy days and cool weather can sometimes surprise the most well prepared travelers. When filling your suitcase, be sure to remember sun block, sunglasses and sun burn ointment, just in case. To ensure maximum enjoyment, bring your camera, some reading material and your favorite portable music player with music.

Look at this beautiful video : Caribbean Sailing

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2. How much cash can you carry and still feel safe? A good rule of thumb is to carry as little cash as possible. ATMs have made this much easier and more convenient to achieve. Cash may be required for some island shopping excursions, as well as, for the customary tip at the end of the cruise. Try to use an ATM whenever possible, though, to avoid carry excess cash.

3. Leave your house in good hands while you are gone. This will help you relax and thoroughly enjoy your cruise. Make sure that you plan ahead of time for someone to watch your pets, if you have any. Also, it is a good idea to have a neighbor, friend or family member check on your house every few days while you are gone. Have them retrieve your mail regularly or place your mail on hold at your local post office for the duration of your stay. Leave close friends and family members contact numbers for the cruise line and any on shore locations in case of emergency.

4. Being sick is never a good way to enjoy a Caribbean cruise. Do your best to stay as healthy as possible before you leave on your cruise. Because sickness can pop up at unexpected times, bring any medications you’d need for different sicknesses. And, find out the best way for you to prevent sea sickness.

5. Above all, choose a destination that interests you and fits within your budget. Find out which durations and destinations best suit your interests and your cruise experience. A first time cruise passenger might find that a shorter duration cruise is more to their liking. Gradually work your way to longer cruises. Popular cruise destinations are popular for a reason. Stick to the main destinations for your first time, and let your experience guide you on future destinations

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