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Ralph Lauren Will Show You His Cars–For $150,000


By Robert Frank at WSJ Blogs – The Wealth Report

Ralph Lauren and his 1936 Bugatti

Ralph Lauren’s “Pink Pony” online charity auction has all kinds of unusual items up for bid.

You can buy a Teepee inspired by the RL Ranch (current bid: $3,750). You can get modeling and catwalk tips from the supermodel Valentina (current bid: $1,000). Or you can have your dog (or your child) star in a Ralph Lauren ad (current bids $2,500 and $9,250, respectively). All proceeds go to fund the fight against cancer. Yet one item on the list stands out as a bit, well, pricey.

That would be the tour of Ralph Lauren’s car collection. The estimate for the tour is $150,000. That’s right, $150,000 to look at–not to own–some vintage cars. Oh, you also get a book. Granted, it is an impressive collection. He owns vintage Ferraris, Porsches and a 1936 Bugatti Atlantic, which is valued at north of $30 million. As the bidding description states, “You and a friend will receive a tour of this extraordinary private collection of classic cars given by Ralph Lauren himself.” The day ends with a ride in the 1936 Bugatti. The winner also get a signed copy of “Speed, Style, and Beauty: Cars from the Ralph Lauren Collection.”

I love cars as much as the next guy (and maybe more). Having some quality car-talk time with Ralph would be an experience to remember. But for $150,000? For that amount, I think I would rather buy my own Porsche or Ferrari. This is, however, for a cause, and someone may well hit the estimate. Even if they don’t, the tour is likely to raise a large chunk of change. So far there have been four bidders and the top bid is $42,500. How much would you pay for a tour of Mr. Lauren’s cars?

bonus video : Ralph Lauren Vintage Car Collection

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