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Ralph Lauren Interactive


by Luz Vaalor – VALOR LUXURY LAB

 The brand Ralph Lauren and innovation go hand in hand once again, because the brand uses extensive technology to interact with their customers. 

The last bet on interactivity is an incredible example of how the brand is ready to move about to innovate to stand out from the others.

From interactive showcases, Quick Response codes in ads and catalogs, etc,  for the first time, the brand hosted a show on its site.  But not only that:

On the runway, models show the Spring 2010 collection, while the spectators in their own homes can literally buy any of the pieces presented in the parade.  At the same time, comments on the show are made by fashion editors of major fashion magazines, which are also open to ask questions of the people through a kind of Q & A.

So much fashion, style and technology make everything so fascinating that you can easily be chosen as the benchmark of e-commerce for the luxury market.

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