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Porsche MACAN first SPY photos !!!



No more renderings, no more speculative reports (for now), this is the real Porsche Macan, a brand new SUV from the German automaker, which is supposed to have sporty valences and a coupe-ish body style.

Porsche is moving ahead at blistering speed with development of the Macan, and in typical German fashion they look set to bring the goods to market on schedule.

The platform for the Macan is basically borrowed from the Audi Q5 and upcoming Q6, a fact that is clearly demonstrated by the very Audi-like wheels on this test vehicle. The differences will obviously come in the luxury department, and in the fact that the Macan will come with the sporty feel the Q5 obviously lacks.

But since we’ve got the fist spy photos of the car, let’s talk about the design of the SUV. The headlights, taillights and that fake chrome strip towards the rear of the doors are actually stickers meant to fool you into thinking it’s actually a Cayenne.
However, the differences aren’t actually that big when you look at a picture of Porsche’s best selling SUV. The Macan has a bigger center grille, no creases on the bonnet, a sloped back and longer overhangs. But you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re the same vehicle if you’re not an aficionado.

The overall impression we got is that the Macan and Cayenne will be differentiated by the price, with the former offering more mainstream powetrains borrowed from Audi than tuned to Porsche levels, culminating with a 375 PS V6 for the Macan Turbo. This would make the top Macan some 80 hp more powerful than the Cayenne base model. Think of it as the Cayman sitting underneath the 911 in the range.

The Macan will also reportedly be powered by the first Porsche four-cylinder engine since the 968 was phased out in 1995.

Sports SUV to end all? No, more like a market stop-gap!

bonus video: AutoweekUSA

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