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Pagani Zonda 750 For one and only …


After the unexpected attraction Pagani Zonda’s special and highly collectible versions, the company decided to create the 750. If anything, the new Pagani stimulates the senses with a purple body and is based on the Cinque Roadster that produced in just five cars.

The changes are very small and located on the rear aerodynamic diffuser and the design of the crystal. The Italian supercar’s equipped with a V12 engine of 7,3 that will deliver at least 670 PS while 0-100 km / h is in about 3 sec.
This is the third one-off model built by Pagani as the previous two were acquired by a software developer in Chicago and a Royal family in Qatar. The hypercar follows the Zonda Uno and Zonda HH, both two brand new one-off models.

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