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New Bentley Continental GT teaser video


By Ben Pulman via Car Middle East Online

The big reveal of Bentley’s big Mk2 Continental GT is just around the corner, so Crewe has started to dripfeed a few styling teases of the new car via a short video. The short clip shows everything from designers’ sketches to shots of the car on the move.
So what do we know about the second-generation Bentley Continental GT?
With the Volkswagen mothership firmly in charge it’s best to think of the new Continental GT as a heavily revised version of the current Conti – think of the morph of Golf Mk5 to Golf Mk6. That means the looks aren’t that different, but every external panel is apparently new and items like those LED lights (Mulsanne-inspired) will help make the differentiation obvious. The bumpers and grille will be tweaked too, and we’ve already reported that the drag figure is down from 0.35 to the more svelte 0.30Cd ballpark. Inside there’s the same basic architecture, with a centre console separating the driver and passenger, and all the latest gadgets from radar-guided cruise control to split-view sat-nav monitors.

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A stretch of the front and rear tracks, and out with old Phaeton suspension and in with some Audi parts. More extensive use of aluminium and alloys will help cuts some kilos from the hefty kerbweight, while the latest 6.0-litre W12 (mated to an eight-speed ZF) will provide the power to all four wheels.
The new Bentley Continental GT will be unveiled on 7 September 2010 ahead of its show debut at Paris, with sales starting soon after this autumn. The Flying Spur saloon is expected to follow in 2012, and the drop-top GTC convertible is scheduled for 2013, CAR understands.

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