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Jean Paul Gaultier Designs Bars of Solid Gold

by Tiffany Yannetta
2012_01_Jean-Paul-Gaultier-Gold-Bar.jpgToo bad the holidays are over, because here’s a bar of gold designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for the Dallas-based Dillon Gage Metals. To the right is the 24 karat bar with a Gaultier logo that’s selling for a cool $1,826.33 with a $25 handling fee. And if you’re aware of what gold costs right now, you’ll notice that there’s a 10% markup in place due to the fact that it’s designer gold.


Company president Terry Hanlon says, “Never before has a fashion icon designed a gold ingot. The Gaultier bar is a one-of-a-kind, limited-quantity collector’s piece that not only is a great investment but it will also become a piece of history.” That being said, it’s hard to think of the gold bar being something more than a high-end version of these babies.

video bonus : Own a designer gold bar! by Reuters

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