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HondaJet, Advanced Private Jets of Luxury


HondaJets provide advanced private jets of luxury that are lightweight business aircraft offering an extra large cabin, high cruising speed and high fuel efficiency.

It is a luxury private jet and can achieve such a high performance thanks to an over the wing engine mount configuration. A natural laminar flow wind and flow fuselage nose was developed after extensive analysis and wind tunnel tests. The wind of the luxury jet is metal and has an integral machined skin which gives it a smooth upper surface needed for the natural laminar flow. The fuselage is designed entirely of composites with stiffened panels along with sandwich panels which reduce weight and cost.

The prototype of this private jet was designed and manufactured in the USA. It has undergone tests including structural proof tests, control system, system functions and ground vibration which it passed with flying colors. The first flight of the private jet took place in 2003.

It has long been thought that mounting jet engines over the wing was undesirable as it created unfavorable aerodynamic interference. However the team of designers at HondaJet discovered an optimal over the wing engine mount that actually helped when it came to lowering the drag. One of the main benefits is due to the fact that the private jet has no fuselage mounted engine, thus the interior of the cabin can be maximized. This is just one of the many innovations that sets HondaJet private jetsapart from their competitors.

The HF 120 Turbofan engine is another specialty that sets the luxuryprivate jet apart. The engine is fuel efficient and low emission, propelling the HonaJet to the top of its class. It has a high thrust to weight ration that allows for uncommonly long range and large payloads. The specialized fuel dynamics software helps when it comes to maximizing the performance of the jet. The engines simple yet high performance combustion chamber means that the emission levels are kept well within the necessary levels for compact private jets. HondaJet created the first and luxury ultra compact full authority digital electronic control otherwise known as the FADEC system which provides the luxury operation and reliability.

The all composite fuselage structure has many benefits over competitors thanks to the luxury honeycomb sandwich structures which lessen complexity when it comes to manufacturing. The process of manufacturing ensures a fuselage structure that is lighter and therefore allows for greater fuel efficiency. It also means that there is a much larger cabin space inside the private jet, maximizing comfort for passengers.

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