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Gucci Gets a Digital Makeover


by: Tamar Shamir Koifman via Fashion’s Collective

The big news this week in the luxury digital space is Gucci’s redesign of their e-commerce website at The new site keeps some of the unique elements of the last version (namely, the horizontal product scrolling which has become more prevalent as a site navigation) and premieres a slew of great new features:

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1 – Expanded Product Catalog

One of the most exciting updates to the site was not fancy videos or social media integration (though we’re happy about that as well!), but rather an expansion of the range of products sold online. The addition of ready-to-wear, in particular, propels Gucci toward the top of the list of luxury brands in the e-commerce world. There are few other brands of the same tier adapting to the extent that Gucci is now…

Secondly, in addition to the 2,000+ products* available online, Gucci is offering accessories that can only be purchased on the website – an incentive to fashionistas wanting to carry a handbag that can’t be seen in stores.

2 – World of Gucci

A special section, called World of Gucci, is the “content” side of the website. It features the latest stories, brand news, and ways to connect with the brand elsewhere online. It is broken out into a few sections:

– Gucci Now: the latest and greatest – an updated version of the classic “What’s New,” which will surely be replicated by other brands.
– Gucci Forever: Focusing on the legacy and heritage of the brand.
– Act Now: Gucci’s philanthropy arm now gets its own spot online.
– Think Forever: Preserving arts and the environment; a place for the company to showcase its miscellaneous brand activities.
– Gucci Connect: The most interesting to us, a hub for Gucci’s various social media presences, bringing together Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. This is certainly something that will surely be appreciated by the over 1 million Gucci Facebook Fans and 18,000 Twitter followers.*

3 – Live Fashion Show Streaming

Just in time for the Spring 2011 RTW Fashion Show, Gucci has rolled out a live-stream of their runway performance, scheduled for September 22, 2010. Unlike Burberry or Louis Vuitton, who have brought their fashion shows to the web masses, Gucci is differentiating themselves by having would-be fashion show viewers request an invitation in advance. This might seem rather unnecessary (it is), but it does do the job of bringing a bit of the VIP-ness of being invited to a fashion show to the web viewer.

On top of the invite request, Gucci’s Facebook application will allow show “attendees” to compete for VIP seating, which in Gucci terms means that they will be able to share their own webcam streams both online and at the actual Gucci show space.

4 – Mobile Friendly

As if all of this wasn’t exciting enough, the site looks absolutely gorgeous on the iPad, and navigates in such a way that is very natural to an iPad / iPhone user. Clearly they learned a few things from the development of their iPhone (and now iPad) app which has had over 600,000 downloads.*

Of all the “major” luxury brands (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, etc.), it’s clear that Gucci has taken a big leap into the future of digital branding and online shopping, and we anticipate strong results for and its 2.5 million monthly visitors.

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