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Dealing with Luxury Travel


by Fanis Zacharis– Editorial for newsletter 1

Our decision to deal with the high-end luxury part of the travel market impelled me to define what is “luxury travel”, what type of travellers involve to, what services they are looking for, how someone can establish in the luxury travel marker, and not only, since the customer behavior and attributes are common in different luxury aspects, I mean when You travel in a luxury destination, it is most probable to buy luxury brands, jewels, pamper yourself in a spa, service a limo, and so on.

I went up to the etymology of the word, the roots of word luxury are from Latin.  Luxus meant “abundance” and “sumptuous enjoyment” , however, not exactly with a positive meaning; luxus evolved from Latin’s luxuria mean “lust” and “debauchery.” Nevertheless, I would prefer the Greek origin of the notion, that is, poly-teleia or in other words, very much perfect. This is certainly the sense reflected in a particularly long entry at Urbandictionary that talks of private jets, personal chefs, yachts and your own grass tennis court. 

So Luxury could be perceived

   an indulgence, something that’s elegant, something that’s very expensive and brings great ease and comfort. Sumptuous living. Something rare and difficult to obtain.

   Or  a situation or place that makes someone comfortable and having the convenience to do so.

   Or to be on top of the world. The pleasure of being able to do anything and buy anything at any given time without having to worry about money issues. To be stress and care free of money and other valuable expenses.

 All right, this is Luxury, so what is Luxury Travel?

It can be all and nothing from the above. Today’s affluent people have a different perception regarding their travel habits:

   New Luxury Travellers from other than traditional geography enters the luxury travel market; Russians, Chinese, Indians who have different behaviour and attempt to get recognized through symbol brands

   Luxury Travellers, in general look for original, unique products and highly collectible and require connoisseurship; at the same time, personal concierge is of great importance, not so much to indicate a nice shop or a place to dine but to offer unique experience according to client’s personal profile, no matter if this an Alaskan dog sledding, a culinary seminar with ChefkadenaLuxuryTravel Ramsey or flying a RAF fighter jet. This is why, we at kadenaLuxuryTravel we have as a motto… experiences that matter! 

   Health, wellness and Beauty are becoming part of the travel activity and there are five star hotels are increasingly offering medi-healthy holiday packages in alliances with neighboring medical facilities, while age management programs to help the rich look and feel young are evolving.

   Time (as evidenced by the number of jet sales and private jet charter companies serving time-starved travelers and the boom in secondary airports) and space are becoming luxuries; today’s increasingly well traveled individuals want new and exciting experiences to be intrigued, entertained and enlightened. They will spend top dollar to be first, or reach the most remote, exotic places. Witness how quickly private suborbital flights and space travel took off. Travel service providers need to think big, imagining how to turn any product into a life-enhancing experience.

Of course, there are many other aspects in defining and elaborating the Luxury Travel; I will welcome Your comments and Your personal beliefs as Luxury Travellers by email me at or comment at our blog

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