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Stella McCartney extends ecommerce to Britain with Web site redesign

by Peter Finocchiaro at Luxury Daily

Stella McCartney has launched a redesign of its ecommerce Web site in the United States and Britain, marking the first time consumers from the latter country have been able to buy the designer’s products online.

The Web site is available at The brand will extend the site to eight more countries in March 2011, with plans to bolster its mobile marketing strategy in the near future with the launch of an iPad application.

“It was time for an update, and we are offering a new design through a new platform, with new functionalities to create an enhanced consumer experience,” said Stephane Jasper, spokesman at Stella McCartney, London.

bonus video : Peter Finocchiaro, editorial assistant at Luxury Daily, New York

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Louis Vuitton launches Luxury City Guides

by Inside Retailing Online

Louis Vuitton is honouring artist Ruben Toledo’s work with the release of a collector’s set of 100 postcards in fluorescent colours, a real retrospective of the illustrations created for the Louis Vuitton City Guides since 1998. The Postcard Box celebrates the 100 illustrations Toledo has created for the Louis Vuitton City Guides, images that capture in paint the guides’ distinct vision of travel and passion for detail. “My aim is to paint a portrait of a city and to draw out its special and eternal essence; to capture the unique tempo and character of each,” said Toledo.

The Louis Vuitton City Guides collection has already passed through nearly 100 cities across the world and calls on the talents of more than100 independent journalists and writers, who provide an attentive, informed commentary on the changes shaking the heart of cities, offering objective views on fashion, design, the arts and gastronomy.

These brand new City Guides, released on October 15, touch down in totally unprecedented cities. Berlin, Kyoto and Nara are also being offered for the first time in an individual volume alongside London, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, New York and Tokyo. Meanwhile, the indispensable European City box set is adding seven new destinations to its map: Beirut, Courchevel, Gstaad, Oxford, Palma, Poto Cervo and Thessaloniki. Equipped with easy-to-use maps, the guide unlocks each city’s best treasures for both seasoned travelers and curious insiders.

The Louis Vuitton City Guide Berlin is available in French, English, and German, and explores this multifaceted German capital through more than 500 discerning addresses. Guesthouses steeped in nostalgia, little-known vegetarian restaurants, restored brasseries, quirky designers, cutting-edge fashion, hip night spots, revamped museums, and art galleries in constant flux paint the portrait of a fascinating city.

The entirely updated Louis Vuitton City Guide Paris reveals the French capital down to the finest detail. 600 address, each one selected with a fresh and discerning eye, impart restaurants with virtuoso young chefs alongside neighborhood cafes; luxury hotels and charming guesthouses; fashion maestros and design trailblazers; distinguished galleries and secret museums.
The sixth edition of the Louis Vuitton City Guide New York explores every facet of this effervescent metropolis. The selection of some 600 addresses has been thoroughly updated to include grand hotels, stylish bars, world-class restaurants, glamourous nightclubs, fashion and design stores, innovative art galleries and more. In other words, it’s a new edition that dives straight into New York’s vibrantly beating heart, highlighting the city’s extraordinary vitality.

What Location Based Social Network is Right For Your Fashion Brand?

 by Macala Wright via FMM

Geolocation, location-based marketing, mobile applications and geo-social networks…Oh My! Mobile marketing is out pacing social media as the topic du jour. So how does a fashion brand or retailer figure out what service they should explore?

 Mark Fidelman may be able to help. Last week, Fidelman published this amazing infographic that compares the major players in location based social networks. What geolocation service floats your fashionably boat?

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Fairmont Hotels unveils own iPhone app for luxury travel

By Rachel King

Luxury could be at your fingertips with the new iPhone app from Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, which actually boasts more than just an online reservation service.

Also compatible with the iPod touch and the iPad, the Fairmont application is intended to act like a personal “concierge.” Some of the standard features include information about availability, pricing and Fairmont locations worldwide.

One of the more notable aspects is the Destination Guide feature, which uses the device’s GPS ability to track down restaurants, events and other attractions near your hotel with both exact walking and driving directions.

The Fairmont app is available in iTunes now, and for such a fancy app that will probably lead to a lot of spending, it’s free.

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Dream Planes

 by Yelken Octuri

Seaplane-convertible yacht, sailboat airplane, honeymoon space shuttle, innovative plane propulsion system…  Several concepts of futuristic, imaginary, science-fiction planes. You can call them what you want, the goal is to create dream planes. It is to generate innovative concepts and fun of creating forms.
You can view the interior layout of some of these aircraft concepts : Flying Yacht- Seaplane-convertible trimaran sailing yacht,  Sailing Aircraft – sailboat-convertible seaplane, Honeymoon space shuttle, Flagellum Oscillator – Alternate solution to traditional propulsion systems 
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NeuroFocus Tracks Perception of Luxury

Founder and CEO Dr A K Pradeep says that its new LPF model has revealed that in times of economic uncertainty, the brain seeks out ‘little moments of luxury’ – or small amounts of pleasure and satisfaction in daily life.

The framework comprises eight dimensions which define a consumer’s perception of luxury:

  • MORE – offering more than what is normally regarded as ‘necessary or needed’ causes the subconscious to make the association with luxury.
  • VARIETY – offering a variety of features to choose from is perceived by the subconscious mind as a representation of luxury.
  • PURPOSE – linkage to a socially respectable cause provides the luxury of a ‘sense of nobility’.
  • RARE and UNIQUE – the subconscious aspires to possess what is perceived as the unique, rare or unavailable.
  • TIME and LABOR – that someone has labored to make something specific for a consumer, evokes a subconscious perception of luxury.
  • ME – the concept that something is personalized attaches a luxury valuation to it.
  • CARE and DETAILS – the attention to small details triggers a response within the subconscious that links directly to luxury.
  • AESTHETICS – higher aesthetic value is automatically equated with luxury.

‘Smart marketers who look for ways to fulfill our universal but deeply-submerged yearning for luxury, especially in difficult economic times, are likely to reap rewards in terms of purchase intent and brand loyalty,’ Pradeep explained. ‘The LPF forms a fundamental game plan for the battle of the brand and the ‘little moments of luxury’ that NeuroFocus uncovered, can gain an outsize marketplace advantage.’



Prada Will Open Its US E-Store July 1

By Lauren Sherman at Fashionista

Following in the footsteps of competitors like Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, Prada will launch an online boutique for US customers. The store is set to open this Thursday, July 1, debuting just as the privately-owned company revealed that it’s thinking about scheduling an initial public offering in 2012. (Some background: This is probably the seventh or eighth time over the last 15 years that Prada has toyed with selling shares on the Milan Stock Market, so it’s most certainly not a definite thing.)

Much like the rest of Prada’s online efforts, the site is well-designed, user-friendly, and perfectly on-brand. You can’t buy clothes, but you can buy leather goods and eye wear, which are the house’s bread and butter categories.Next up in the company’s online world? Japan will get its very own Prada E-store.

Administrator’s note: the e-Store already available at Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy of course, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

Click the image for entering the Prada site and watch Menswear Fashion Show SS2011


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Window display allows Consumers to virtually wear watches

 by Anthony DeMarco at Jewelry News Network

If you were in London in late May hopefully you were able to pass Selfridges department store on Oxford Street and participate in the outside window display that allowed you to virtually try on a number of watches from the Tissot T-Touch collection before walking into the store. The touch-screen interactive interface is known as “augmented reality application.” It was created by a London-based company called Holition. The screen allowed potential customers to virtually try on and interact with a number of different watch styles, colors and sizes—as if they were actually wearing a T-Touch collection watch. The virtual watch is brought to life with what the company calls “real time light reflecting technology.” A person using the system was given a paper wristband that, when shown to the camera on the Holition system, allows them to view an image of themselves on a computer LCD screen in the window wearing the chosen watch. The person can experience the different designs of the watch by twisting his wrist.

You should be seeing more of this technology as the company is working with several luxury jewelry and other high end fashion houses. If you missed the live promotion, below is a video demonstration of the technology.

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