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Grima Jewelry Auction at Bonhams

 by Anthony DeMarco at Jewelry News Network

Emerald and diamond ring by Andrew Grima (est. $20,000 $30,000)

The first auction to focus on the work of legendary jewelry Andrew Grima, since his death in 2007, will be presented by Bonhams New York on October 19.

British Royal jewelry, designer and artisan, Grima was the foremost modern jewelry designer in the West End of London in the 1960s and 1970s with clients including Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, The Duke of Edinburgh, Barbara Hepworth and Jacqueline Onassis. Grima gained recognition following the 1961 Exhibition of International Jewelry where his pieces of highly textured materials and abstract shapes led to his appointment as a Crown Jeweler in 1970 commissioned to make items of jewelry for the British and Scandinavian royal families.

Consisting of 35 Grima designs, the collection comes from the New York estates of Marvin and Laura Speiser and was amassed over the course of two decades of close friendship between the Speisers and Andrew Grima and his wife Jojo, Bonhams said in a statement.

Gucci Gets a Digital Makeover

by: Tamar Shamir Koifman via Fashion’s Collective

The big news this week in the luxury digital space is Gucci’s redesign of their e-commerce website at The new site keeps some of the unique elements of the last version (namely, the horizontal product scrolling which has become more prevalent as a site navigation) and premieres a slew of great new features:

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Lanvin for H&M? Yes, Please!

By Lauren Sherman via

The word in Paris is that Lanvin might be the next H&M collaborator. If it is indeed true, the collection will hit stores in early November.

I must rejoice! I’ve been a bit disappointed by the H&M collaborations over the past few seasons. An Alber collection should be a return to the Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld days of yore.

What’s more, Lanvin is not one of those brands where one can find an “affordable” piece here or there. Even the Acne x Lanvin dresses were $800 or more–I was lucky enough to find one at the Barneys warehouse sale for $40 about a year ago. I think I’ll wear it today in honor of this wonderful news.

I’m hoping for something like the look featured here to show up in the collection. Which Lanvin silhouette would you like to get your hands on?

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World’s top 10 most powerful luxury brands in 2010

by Millward Brown Optimor, a global brand strategy and financial consultancy, releasing the list of “World’s Most Powerful Brands.”

Rank 2010

Luxury Brand

Brand Logo

Last Year Rank

Overall Brand Value


Louis Vuitton


up 2% to 19.78 billion U.S. dollars




up 8% to 8.46 billion U.S. dollars




up 2% to 7.59 billion U.S. dollars




down 11% to 5.55 billion U.S. dollars




down 1% to 5.37 billion U.S. dollars




down 14% to 4.74 billion U.S. dollars


Moët & Chandon


down 12% to 4.28 billion U.S. dollars




down 19% to 3.96 billion U.S. dollars




down 8% to 3.20 billion U.S. dollars


Tiffany & Co.


up 6% to 2.38 billion U.S. dollars

Interested about Luxury Brands? See this video presentation by Cindy Gallop “Lucrative Luxury Brands of the 22nd Century”

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Prada Will Open Its US E-Store July 1

By Lauren Sherman at Fashionista

Following in the footsteps of competitors like Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, Prada will launch an online boutique for US customers. The store is set to open this Thursday, July 1, debuting just as the privately-owned company revealed that it’s thinking about scheduling an initial public offering in 2012. (Some background: This is probably the seventh or eighth time over the last 15 years that Prada has toyed with selling shares on the Milan Stock Market, so it’s most certainly not a definite thing.)

Much like the rest of Prada’s online efforts, the site is well-designed, user-friendly, and perfectly on-brand. You can’t buy clothes, but you can buy leather goods and eye wear, which are the house’s bread and butter categories.Next up in the company’s online world? Japan will get its very own Prada E-store.

Administrator’s note: the e-Store already available at Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy of course, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

Click the image for entering the Prada site and watch Menswear Fashion Show SS2011


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Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai selected as top 10 global retail cities

A 26 segment × 3 exposure (78 frames in total)...
Image via Wikipedia

by  Alexandra de Kerros Boudkov Orloff Source: Global Times

According to the latest report on global retail industry released by the CB Richard Ellis, China has three cities-Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai-on the list of the world’s top 10 retail cities. Hong Kong ranked in the fifth, Beijing in the sixth and Shanghai in the eighth position. This is the first time for Shanghai to be hanging high on the top 10 list. According to the report, these cities were selected due to their attractiveness to luxurious brands.

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Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison opening

Celebs attend Louis Vuitton's New Bond Street ...
Image by jaimelondonboy via Flickr


Louis Vuitton opened its doors to its New Bond Street Maison in London on May 28th 2010. This is the most important date in Louis Vuitton’s 125-year association with the city of London, since it opened its first store in 1885. This Maison, which reflects Louis Vuitton’s rare art-de-vivre and savoir-faire, is conceived as the home of a collector who loves only the best and the rarest.

New Bond Street has been the heart of Louis Vuitton’s presence in London since it first opened its doors there in 1900. Since the eighteenth century, when auction houses first established themselves on the street, closely followed by jewellery and fashion emporia, New Bond Street has had a reputation for supplying the best of luxury goods and is today one of the world’s premier locations for international luxury brands.

Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison opening Party

For Yves Carcelle, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, “London is one of the most important fashion and cultural cities in the world which brings together heritage and innovation. Opening a Maison in London is an expression of our belief and optimism in the future of this city”. To continue the journey with London, Louis Vuitton has launched at this occasion the “Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project” : an unprece- dented partnership with five of London’s leading cultural institutions, with the aim of contributing to the development of the cultural and artistic dimension of young people’s lives in London.

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Augmented Reality App Provides Virtual Fitting Room for Shoppers

Image representing Clickz as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

 By Douglas Quenqua, ClickZ

UPS has used augmented reality technology to take the guesswork out of shipping, and Wal-Mart has used it to do the same for buying furniture., an online apparel retailer, is now hoping an augmented reality platform can help ease some women’s fears about buying clothes online. is the first retailer to try Fashionista, a new augmented reality tool from Rich Relevance, a San Francisco-based developer of product-recommendation tools for e-commerce sites. The platform, which was developed in conjunction with augmented reality specialists Zugara, allows shoppers to see an image of clothing superimposed over themselves on their computer screen as if they are holding it up in front of a mirror.

Fashionista Demo

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World’s Most Valuable Luxury Brands

by Carrie Coolidge 

What is the world’s most valuable luxury brand? According to a study released today compiled by market research firm Millward Brown Optimor, the most valuable brand is France’s Louis Vuitton with a brand value of nearly $19.8 billion.

Hermes, with a brand value of $8.45 billion, landed in the second spot, followed by Gucci ($7.58 billion), Chanel ($5.54 billion) and Hennessy ($5.36 billion).

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Ralph Lauren Interactive

by Luz Vaalor – VALOR LUXURY LAB

 The brand Ralph Lauren and innovation go hand in hand once again, because the brand uses extensive technology to interact with their customers. 

The last bet on interactivity is an incredible example of how the brand is ready to move about to innovate to stand out from the others.

From interactive showcases, Quick Response codes in ads and catalogs, etc,  for the first time, the brand hosted a show on its site.  But not only that:

On the runway, models show the Spring 2010 collection, while the spectators in their own homes can literally buy any of the pieces presented in the parade.  At the same time, comments on the show are made by fashion editors of major fashion magazines, which are also open to ask questions of the people through a kind of Q & A.

So much fashion, style and technology make everything so fascinating that you can easily be chosen as the benchmark of e-commerce for the luxury market.

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