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Exclusive condominiums to purchase in Palazzo Versace Dubai

Make the Versace lifestyle your own! A limited number of exclusive condominiums are available to purchase in Palazzo Versace Dubai. Ranging from one to six bedrooms, including single-storey and duplex residences and majestic penthouses, all condominiums provide stunning views of the surrounding area, with outside balconies and terraces. Palazzo Versace brings the sophisticated product range of Versace to a single destination and allows purchasers to live the Versace lifestyle.

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Sneak peak – $80 ml Carlos Slim mansion

Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim 20,000 square feet mansion became one of the most expensive public housing in New York, when it came out in the spring market. But only recently they were released pictures of the inside of the house belonging to the second richest man in the world, a palace of 25 rooms worth $ 80 million.

Slim's Fifth Avenue palace holds court on the Upper East's Side's "Gold Coast."The house was originally built in 1901 and was officially named the home of Benjamin N. And the Sarah Duke. Slim’s Fifth Avenue palace holds court on the Upper East’s Side’s “Gold Coast.” Located at the corner of Fifth Avenue, directly across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It sits at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street, directly across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It sits at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street, directly across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The style is French, Renaissance.

The newly posted photos reveal a predictably spacious, French Renaissance-style pad.

The wood paneling on the floor is carved by hand

The wood paneling in this room was hand-carved, according to the listing.

Airy and sunny. Windows drench the house in sunlight while providing a view of the tree-lined streets.

Windows drench the house in sunlight while providing a view of the tree-lined streets.

It has 25 rooms and 11 fireplaces

The 20,000-square-foot house has 25 rooms and 11 fireplaces.

An iron ladder stretching up to five storeys

An iron staircase stretches up five floors.

Although construction of the early 20th century, the house is perfectly preserved.

Early 20th-century workmanship is on display throughout the immaculately preserved house.

The view from the Met’s terrace is part of the magic

Terrace views of the Met are part of the magic.

See inside Donald Trump’s amazing gold plated private Boeing passenger jet

The plane has room for 43 passengers and can fly at speeds of more than 500mph,This is the amazing passenger jet that Donald Trump hopes will fly him to the White House.
The outspoken businessman will be jetting across the United States as his campaign to become President kicks into gear.
While politicians in the UK often have to jump in campaign buses or grab a train, Donald Trump will be whisked around in complete luxury.
Having bought the Boeing 757-200 in 2011, Trump has seemingly splashed out a small fortune on kitting the jet out in with the latest technology and finest decor.
With a top speed of more than 500mph and room for 43 passengers, the jet is sure to be put to good use when the billionaire hits the campaign trails.
Powered by Rolls Royce engines, ‘Trump Force One’ has 24-carat gold plated seat belts “as well as everything else”.
In his bedroom, Trump has fin wood panelling, “yards and yards of elegant silk” and pillows embroidered with his family crest.
The video lounge has a 57-inch screen and sound system similar to a “top Hollywood screening room”.
While his campaign for the oval office appears to be grounded, the same cannot be said for Trump’s travel plans.

The Best Places to Visit in Europe for Art, Music and Culture

Plan the ultimate getaway to Europe with itineraries inspired by an arts and culture themed journey aboard the Four Seasons Jet.

The newly redesigned Four Seasons Jet flew travellers on the Backstage With the Arts journey between Paris, Lisbon, Milan, Istanbul, St Petersburg and Prague.

During a 16-day Backstage With the Arts journey on the Four Seasons Jet, guests experienced the art, music, culture and history of Europe, complete with backstage access, special performances and private entries. Whether you have one day or 20 for a European holiday, let their adventures in Paris, Lisbon, Milan, Istanbul, St Petersburg and Prague inspire your own itinerary. Read on to discover the cultural highlights of each destination and flip through photos from the Four Seasons Jet trip to see the landmarks, museums, theatres and local experiences you shouldn’t miss on your own journey.

four-seasons-atwjt-paris-four-seasons-extraordinary-experience-wine-cellar-636x431Art and culinary prowess in Paris

Paris has long been the homeland of the artist. It is a city to which creative spirits make pilgrimage, while appreciative spirits love to bask in the atmosphere. There’s no better way to kick off your stay than by enjoying the Michelin-starred cuisine of Le Cinq, renowned restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris. From there, tour the newly opened Louis Vuitton Foundation, a striking building designed by Frank Gehry, which has as its mission the fostering and promotion of artistic creation on national and international levels. It also has a magnificent collection of fine art that must not be missed. Survey more of Paris on a private cruise along the Seine, and bid the city farewell over dinner in the Eiffel Tower.


The delightfully chic Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris was the first stop for travellers on the Backstage With the Arts tour and served as an ideal home base for the adventures ahead.

Diverse architecture in Lisbon

Lisbon, home to a spectrum of architecture from classical to Manueline to Gothic, offers the opportunity to explore art and architecture to your heart’s content. Start with a guided tour of the Berardo Collection Museum and then tour the ornate, Manueline-style Jeronimos Monastery. An excellent hub for travellers, Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon offers its own take on artistic décor. Allow at least three days to absorb the best of Lisbon: Be sure to visit the Museu Nacional do Azulejo, the Palais de Santos, and take a guided walk through Chiado Square and the surrounding area.


At the French Embassy in Portugal, everything from the ceiling to the uniform lapels illustrates artistry.


Visionnaire: a new flagship store in Dubai


First Flagship Vissionaire Store in Dubai

First flagship store in Dubai for Visionnaire, which lands with a 670 sqm showroom at Jumeirah First, Beach Road(near Four Season Hotel), one of the most exclusive districts of the capital city.

The area, a penthouse on the beach, is organized on two levels and alternates classical codes, related to the luxury tradition, to more contemporary codes which absorb the atmosphere of the city.
The setting follows the linguistic codes of the new furniture collection, inspired to a dandyism with gothic victorian atmospheres: luxury sofas for conversation, lacquered wood, precious chandeliers, a selection of contemporary art works and a wide outdoor collection make the Dubai showroom the real “place-to-go” of the metropolis for all those architects and interior decorators who search for “one of a kind” solutions. Luxury, style and quality: these are the founding values of Visionnaire, brand that, today more than ever, goes beyond a simple furnishing proposal.

Tailor-made projects, based on the customers’ needs, make Visionnaire the ideal partner both for private living projects and for luxury contract proposals. Thanks to this approach, Visionnaire has the opportunity of expanding
all over the world in the name of a new way of making furniture, not strictly connected to the product, but to a life philosophy.

Jackie O’s apartment for sale for € 8.4 million – Mayfair, London

pwleitai-to-diamerisma-tis-tzaki-wnasi-anti-84-ekat-eurwThis superb apartment in Mayfair London that housed Aristotle and Jackie Onassis is available for sale with the price start at 8.4 million euros!

The luxury apartment, which has the taste of Jackie was the house for Christina Onassis until her death at age 37 in 1988.
It is one of the few houses in London with such a large garden.

The apartment has three large bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large living room and kitchen in a building that has a long history as it was built in 1720.

2015 CG/Britweek Design Icon Award

Christopher Guy Britweek 2015 Design Icon Award Thomas Heatherwick

The New Biggest Mansion in Los Angeles Will Ask $500 Million

by Bianca Barragan at



McLean Design

The biggest house in Los Angeles has swollen even larger in size and is getting a pretty big ego now too. Bloomberg reports that the finished project will measure more than 100,000 square feet, making it bigger than the infamously unfinished Versailles estate in Florida. The spread is being developed on spec, naturally, and will feature a 74,000-square-foot main residence with a 5,000-square-foot master bedroom, a 30-car garage, a “Monaco-style casino,” and three smaller houses spread across four acres. “The house will have almost every amenity available in the world,” prolific spec house developer Nile Niami says about his latest project. How much will every amenity available in the world cost? $500 million.

If all that doesn’t seem ridiculous enough, don’t worry: there will also be tons of wasted water. One pool is so chintzy; everyone who’s anyone with $500 million has to have four pools these days, and so this place will of course, including one in the basement and another on the second level of the mansion, according to construction permits. As it stands, the landscaping will require “about 20,000 square feet of grass” in the middle of a devastating statewide drought that has provoked mandatory water cutbacks. The mansion’s designer, Paul McClean, says “There a lot of things in the house that will help to preserve water. But those are things that correspond with luxury houses, and I can’t tell you that it’s a green and energy-efficient house.” Originally, plans called for five pools, so maybe that’s what passes for high-end conservation—one less pool than you actually want.

Does the $500-million asking price seem unreal? It is. The LA Business Journal estimated last year that this project would ask “in the $150 million-plus range.” Jonathan Miller, president of appraiser Miller Samuel Inc. (and Curbed contributor), tells Bloomberg “I’m skeptical. My first reaction is laughter. But we’re in this perpetual state of surprise as new thresholds are broken.” If it sells for even half of that, though, it will still be the most expensive sale in the US: the current record holder, an East Hampton estate owned by a hedge fund guy, sold last year for $147 million. (Not too far away from Bel Air, in Beverly Hills, the tacky Palazzo di Amore is waiting patiently for someone to pay $195 million.)

Niami, also a movie producer, is a seasoned spec builder. Last year he sold a humble 30,000-square-foot estate with a dental office in the basement and a 17,000-square-foot mansion in Holmby Hills with an underwater tunnel (Diddy bought that one). Niami is currently “pouring concrete” on his Bel Air record-setter, and expects to be working for about 20 more months on the enormous compound.

Most expensive penthouse of N.York sold for $ 100 million (photos)


The real estate market in America has skyrocketed. Best proof is the penthouse on One57 skyscraper located in the Midtown area of Manhattan, which was sold for $100.5 million, making it the most expensive apartment ever sold in New York.

The penthouse is located at 1,004 feet and particularly in the 89th and 90th floor. It has an area of 11,000 square feet and includes six bedrooms, a steam room, a library, and an indoor cinema. Residents will also have access to the amenities of the hotel Park Hyatt, which occupies the first 39 floors of the building.

However, the penthouse at One57 is not the only sought, until recently, buyer. The tower 520 Park Avenue includes a penthouse for sale for over $130 million; the price is expected to increase further.

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