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Hermes Scores Victory in Battle With LVMH

A saleswoman walks inside a Hermes showroom in Mumbai August 23, 2011. REUTERS/Danish SiddiquiBy REUTERS at TheNewYorkTimes

PARIS — Hermes won a major victory Thursday in its battle to torpedo a potential takeover by its larger rival LVMH after a court cleared the French luxury group’s plans to create a holding company that will lock in descendants of the founding family for 20 years. Once Hermes creates the company, which will control more than 50.2 percent of its equity, LVMH — which last year stealthily grabbed a 17 percent stake in Hermes — will face daunting barriers to win control of Hermes, maker of fashionable leather bags.

In a statement, Hermes family shareholders said the creation of the family holding company “in the next few weeks will durably strengthen the independence of the Hermes group.”

LVMH, the group behind Louis Vuitton handbags, Celine suits and Moet & Chandon champagne, declined to comment. Officially, the company has said it does not plan to make an offer for Hermes but it has been steadily raising its stake, to 22 percent from 17 percent in October, and has made no secret of the fact it wanted to buy more shares.

bonus video :Hermes Battles to Fend Off Increasing Interest From LVMH by Bloomberg


Top 5 Luxury Branded Videos of 2011

at L2

Last week at the L2 Video and Celebrity Clinic the team presented a countdown of the five best branded videos from the prestige industry based on the brand channels with the highest number of subscribers. For more information on methodology for the selection of videos, please read the notes in italics at the end.

5. Tiffany & Co – True Love Grows



Sweet, sentimental, and absolutely touching. All the women at the L2 office were going crazy for this video from Tiffany, which means it’s both stunning and completely on brand. 371,844 views on YouTube.

4. Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle



This video from Chanel speaks to the power of integrated media. This video originally appeared as an abridged television spot but was also posted in full on the brand’s YouTube channel. Chanel added the video to a custom tab on their Facebook page and effectively promoted the branded content across all social channels. This is the mark of success driven by digital integration. 689,718 views.

3. Armani – Megan Fox Underwear



“Megan Fox Underwear” is a prime example of how brands can benefit from choosing the right celebrities to promote their product. In one day March of 2011 Armani saw a 661,784 of their 1,389,023 views to date. The spike is largely the result of Megan Fox talking about the video on her social network, suggesting that in most cases hosting and/or promoting video on celebrity platforms can prove more effective than trying to gain viewership only on brand channels.

2. Cartier – Calibre de Cartier: Episode II



Luxury brands have some of the finest creative at their disposal. Carier takes advantage of that fact with Episode II. 765,550 views on YouTube.

1. Burberry Brights



Once again, Burberry’s Brights video is the picture of leading edge innovation. This is just the beginning of shop-able video and interactive experiences created through HTML5, but expect more as brands attempt to turn passive viewing experiences into active participation on the part of the consumer. Due to the interactive features of the Burberry Brights video, the official video can not be embedded into the blog. Instead we have embedded a demo and you can view the official experience here.

See the Countdown On Demand

Did you miss the L2 Video and Celebrity Clinic but still want to catch up?  You can catch the event broadcast stream on demand from

A note on methodology: Any and all brands in our L2 luxury and/or beauty studies were eligible for top five inclusion.  The top videos were selected based on the video that was promoted by the brands with the most YouTube subscribers in the industry.

Alberto Alessi thoughts on Luxury Design

Alberto Alessi on Luxury in Design

How to Integrate Research in Design

The Contribution of Recessions to Creativity

Quintessentially Awards 2011

Account avatarCelebrating the very best of luxury brands across key areas including travel, fashion, fine dining, nightlife and art, the Quintessentially Awards will recognize companies and individuals who like Quintessentially itself, always strive to go that extra mile in search of perfection and share the Quintessentially ethos of quality, style and service.

Quintessentially is the world’s leading luxury lifestyle group, private members’ club and 24-hour global concierge service. With 60 offices worldwide and a team of international lifestyle experts on hand 365 days a year to help save our members time, hassle and money, Quintessentially knows the business of luxury like no one else.

Aston Martin extends brand prowess to international property developments

by First Logic

Renowned manufacturer of luxury British sports cars, Aston Martin, has extended its brand license agreement to include international property developments. Enthusiasts are attracted to the distinctive Aston Martin style that has become iconic to the world of automotive design – the key elements of which will now be applied to the new property concepts.

Aston Martin Branded DestinationsPower, beauty and soul are the 3 core elements that lie at the heart of the Aston Martin brand, and these same elements will be significant in placing Aston Martin branded developments at the height of the luxury property industry. “Aston Martin has an inherent beauty that stems from a basic requirement to be streamlined and aerodynamic. It is this design expertise, and an understanding of aesthetics combined with functionality, that will differentiate Aston Martin developments”, says Alvaro Hidalgo of First Logic.

Each Aston Martin property development will be unique, tailored to suit a selection of first class leisure destinations such as Marina, Beach, Ski, Golf and Polo resorts. Key principles will remain present throughout all developments, as will a striking selection of build materials. The classical strength and elegance of the Aston Martin brand will dictate the property framework, which will be united with contemporary innovations to complete truly unique developments. The worldwide portfolio of Aston Martin’s luxury properties will include villas, apartments, residences, hotels, sports clubs and accompanying exclusive leisure facilities.
Those investing in an Aston Martin property development will be proud to be part of a new brand concept that assures absolute quality, care and craftsmanship. And the longterm rewards of investments in a top luxury brand include the benefit of faster sales, reduced risk and additional security.

Beijing Now Has “More Than 4,000″ Private Clubs

by Jing Daily

Beijing Elite Concentrated Among “Big Four”: Changan Club, Capital Club, Americas Club, China Club

Beijing's Capital ClubThey may have originally made their way into China via Shanghai, but private clubs are now finding fertile soil in the nation’s capital, Beijing. Taking over this year from Shanghai as the preferred city of residence for Chinese millionaires, according to MSN China, Beijing now boasts “more than 4,000″ private clubs catering to the city’s well-heeled entrepreneurs, political elite, and celebrities. Amid the vast array of private clubs, which focus on everything from cars to art, MSN calls particular attention to Beijing’s so-called “Big Four” — the Chang’an Club, Capital Club, Americas Club and China Club — which charge membership fees of up to 2 million yuan (US$309,000), more than 30 times the city’s per capita GDP.
Beijing’s Capital Club

World’s top 10 most powerful luxury brands in 2011

by Millward Brown Optimor, a global brand strategy and financial consultancy, releasing the list of “World’s Most Powerful Brands.”

Luxury came back, without apology. Although consumers in North America and Europe continued to reject conspicuous consumption, those who could afford the most exclusive shops no longer eschewed the shopping bags that proclaimed their good fortune.
The new ethos frowned on flaunting and encouraged awareness of how one’s purchases, whether diamonds from African mines or apparel stitched in Asian factories, impacted the environment and people all along the supply chain.
Connected to the concern with a product’s origins was a deepened appreciation for the craftsmanship that went into its creation. In a world of mass-produced consumer goods, bespoke attention to individuality became the ultimate luxury. And it provided a rational reason – if needed – for justifying an emotional, expensive purchase.

Table prepared by theUltimateLuxuryCommunity

Many brands raised prices. Those that genuinely could claim a history of design leadership and customization capitalized on their brand heritage in advertising and in online and in-store presentations. Gucci turned areas of some of its stores into small workshops where customers could view leatherworkers crafting handbags.
To attract a new generation of shoppers, Louis Vuitton launched a program to encourage young artists with publicity and financial support, while continuing to evoke its heritage in travel to preserve relationships with the brand’s traditional following. Louis Vuitton remained
the highest-valued luxury brand and increased in value by 23 percent.
Louis Vuitton broadcast its London fashion show on YouTube, an indication of the industry effort to be more contemporary in both product and communication. Burberry sent personalized messages to the mobile phones of customers, inviting them to view the brand’s London fashion show streamed live to a Burberry store. Any item from the catwalk could be purchased for delivery within weeks. Burberry continued to successfully rejuvenate the 155-year-old British heritage brand and enjoyed year-on-year double-digit increases in all markets.
Chanel entered e-commerce for the first time, although more for the sale of accessories than couture, because extending luxury credentials to the mass market risked diluting the exclusivity of the brand. Brands that protected their exclusivity – such as Chanel, Hermès, or Cartier – were better insulated from the recession than more accessible luxury brands. The Hermès brand value grew 41 percent.
Hermès launched a Chinese brand that may herald the inception of luxury brands developed in fast-growing markets.

Meanwhile, China and other BRIC countries remained important markets because badge status gratified a growing middle class and a band of affluent individuals who had wealth for the first time and were ready to spend it.

Ralph Lauren revealed to Oprah how he started Designing cloths

Ralph Lauren’s interview with Oprah. RL revealed to Oprah a little about how he started designing cloths.

5 Of The Best Shoe Blogs On The Web


We like to joke to our friends that we write about shoes all day, but that’s not actually true. We also write a lot about Kanye West, delicious snacks and, on occasion, bridesmaids dresses. But Sophie Theallet’s collection of shoes and bags for Nine West inspired us to seek out the very best in people who write about shoes online, and we think we’ve found the five best of the bunch. Take a look at our favorite shoe blogs, below.

1. Shoelust Shoelust

What could possibly be better than a blog filled with pictures of nothing but amazing shoes? Nothing, that’s what.

Sea of Shoes2. Sea of Shoes


 Not only is Jane Aldridge, who runs the personal style blog Sea of Shoes, the nicest person we’ve ever met, she’s also super knowledgeable about footwear. People come to her blog for pretty pictures of shoes and leave with more knowledge about Nicholas Kirkwood than they ever realized they needed to have. 



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