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Trio of New Rivas


Riva’s sensational 88 Florida with her amazing power-opening cockpit roof is now on the water and has passed her sea trials with flying colours. This unique 4-cabin, 8-berth yacht will be one of the main attractions at the forthcoming Cannes Boat Show in September. To arrange a priority viewing please email Fanis Zacharis:


The Riva 88 Domino, the hardtop yacht from which the convertible 88 Florida was derived, has itself undergone some major improvements and is now re-launched as the Riva 88 Domino Super. For a priority viewing at the Cannes Boat Show email Fanis Zacharis:



Completing the trio of newly-launched Rivas is this very latest addition to the fleet, the Riva 76 Coupé. Essentially a 3-cabin, 6-berth (plus crew) version of the 88 Domino Super, she also features a top deck but the upper helm is an option. For a priority viewing at the Cannes Boat Show email Fanis Zacharis:

For any inquiry on a brand new or pre-owned yacht please email Fanis Zacharis:




Make Your move and have Your dream car for the weekend (or next week)…

by “F” Luxury World


 Make Your move and have Your dream car for the weekend. Last Minute Weekend (or next week) Availability!

Prices are based on a 3 Day Hire. Please email us for Terms and Conditions at

Ferrari 458 Spider  – £2850.00 (with 300 miles included)
Lamborghini Aventador – £5700.00 (with 300 miles included)LamboAventador
Lamborghini Aventador Roadster – £6270.00 (with 300 miles included)
Lamborghini Performante – £2100.00 (with 300 miles included)


Rolls Royce Ghost – £2550.00 (with 300 miles included)


Aston Martin DB9 Volante  £1650.00 (with 300 miles included)
BENTLEY GT – £1500.00 (with 300 miles included)
Bentley GTC Hire – £1590.00 (with 300 miles included)


The Eclipse Jet: The Most Fuel-Efficient Jet on the Planet

New Eclipse 550 from Eclipse Aerospace.

Heesen Yachts invests in its future: new 85m dry dock under construction

heesenHeesen Yachts is delighted to announce the kick-off of construction works for the new 85m dry dock at the facility in Oss.

The new dry dock was announced for the first time during the press conference held at the Monaco Yacht Club last September, and then officially presented during the HISWA Holland Yachting Group press tour 2015 on June 4.

Construction work started on June 15, 2015 and is scheduled to be completed by October 2016. The official inauguration will take place on November 11, 2016.

Heesen New Shed 85m dry dock June 2015“The new 85m dry dock is our investment in the future and our response to the market request for bigger yachts,” says the Heesen Board of Directors. “The success of the 65m FDHF Galactica Star,– the largest Heesen currently at sea – and the impressive 70m Project Kometa currently under construction, are creating a lot of interest in Heesen from repeat clients, as well as from owners who are new to our brand. We are now ready to further expand the size of our yachts on offer up to 80m.”

The new shed and its dry dock will be equipped with the latest features to create the best possible working environment. Temperature and humidity controlled, the dry dock floor will be heated and automatic sun tracker lights on the roof will reduce the use of power for lighting by 25% to optimise illumination. A high quality air filtering system further provides optimal conditions for the painting process: 60,000m3 of air per hour will be filtered through special filters using 70% of the air intake from outside and 30% recycled air.

The new shed will be replacing sheds no. 2 and 3, both built in 1995, and will measure 98m x 30m x 22m. The dry dock will measure 85m x 17m wide x 22m. To make the dock watertight, 2,000 cubic metres of concrete will be employed, while 500 tons of steel will be used to build the hall. The dry dock will contain 6,502m3 of water and it will take approximately one day to fill it.

FREDERIQUE CONSTANT celebrates the refined elegance of the HEALEY car with the vintage Rally Collection


Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph Automatic

Swiss watch manufacturer Frederique Constant known for its unique and classical watches is delighted to present you a new model within its successful Vintage Rally Collection: the Healey Chronograph Automatic. HealeyFrederique Constant has been for many years involved in various forms of motorsports, especially with vintage car rallies, as the brand is a longstanding and faithful partner of the famous Austin Healey car brand. Lately we were very honoured to welcome 4 original Austin Healey cars from the Southern Counties Club to our Manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates. The four drivers came from the United-Kingdom with their beautifully conserved vintage Healey cars.

Driving for a tour of Switzerland and Italy, they were curious about the partnership of the watch manufacturer and the carmaker. They were impressed by our working facilities and capabilities. It was a perfect occasion for us to show to real Austin Healey enthusiasts our new Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph – and they loved it. Their passion for these vintage cars mirroring our passion for watches was intense.

Both carmaker and watchmaker have in common the engineering, the innovation and the artistic impression. Mechanical genius never ceases to excite and delight, especially when that marvel is a perfectly tuned engine in a fast-moving machine. Whilst beautifully crafted sports cars are an absolute fascination, so are timepieces.

Both are high-precision machines meant for ultimate use and pleasure. With this in mind, our designers created the Vintage Rally Healey chronograph, a timepiece with a motorsports heritage that combines timeless contemporary design with sporty elegance.

This timepiece is driven by the precise FC-397 automatic chronograph calibre. It has 25 jewels and a 46-hour power reserve. Its unique design is underlined with sub-dials that include a 30-minute counter at 3’oclock and small continuous seconds at 9 o’clock.

This watch features a three-part rose gold plated polished stainless steel case classically sized at 42 mm and a convex sapphire crystal that offers protection from the elements. The transparent case back allows us to see the movement, which will delight all watch enthusiasts.

In our eyes, the green dial accents give this chronograph a strong sporting character. The rose gold plated hands and the applied indexes are finished with superluminova, which stands out in the dark. With it’s distinctive styling design and the signature of the Healey’s logo, this watch is the quintessential of Frederique Constant.

Water-resistant up to 50 metres, the Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph comes with a brown leather strap with big holes, to add to the style factor; a fine balance between sport and elegance.

This new Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph is also available with a silver polished stainless steel case with a black leather strap.

Similar to every masterpiece, the Vintage Rally Healey Chronographs are limited to just 2888 numbered pieces. Finally, every timepiece comes with a beautifully designed gift box and a magnificent Healey NOJ393 car miniature model.

I had no idea that building an explorer yacht would be so thrilling – Stella del Nord

at CdM Experience

gallery_09Before asking you to tell us about your experience with Cantiere delle Marche during the building of “Stella del Nord”, we’d like you walk us through the steps in your decision-making process that led you to consider CDM and then, to decide to have your yacht built by the Ancona-based shipbuilder.
We had been doing our research on Explorer yachts for about 15 months, visiting shipyards in Italy and in Northern Europe. Then, when we were in Cannes, in September of 2013, we came across CDM for the first time and had the opportunity to see and tour the “Explorer Darwin 96” on EXPOSITION. We spent roughly 60 minutes on board and were able to have an in-depth discussion with their technical expert about all those aspects that interested us. As I, personally, have a technical background, I must say I was very enthusiastic about this first meeting. I was able to get more information in those 60 minutes than I had in all the previous 15 months’ time, including visits to renowned shipbuilders. Just a few months later, we signed the contract.

In these past 18 months, how much of what you’ve experienced has coincided with your expectations, and what has had the most positive impact on you vis-á-vis what you had imagined?
As I said, my work experience lies in the industrial sector and I realize that I am person who has an extremely technical approach to things. I have to admit that I have never had such a smooth and constructive experience on other projects, similar in terms of size and complexity. Sharing decisions, feelings, and forging interpersonal relationships over a period of 18 months is no easy task. It is perfectly normal for there to be divergences in the course of the shipbuilding process. I must say that I never had the sensation that anything was being forced on me … on the contrary.
Today, on the eve of the launch, I can say I am pleasantly surprised by all that I’ve received from CDM. I can affirm that our “Stella del Nord” carries within her all of the goodwill and professionalism of Cantiere Delle Marche and of all the collaborators who, for 18 months, have committed themselves to the success of the project.

CDM is a shipbuilder that has always distinguished itself through a direct and frank approach to communication, so once again, we’d like to stay true to course: after this experience, what would you change?
I confess that this question puts me on the spot. I have always encountered extremely open individuals, from the first people I see as I arrive in the shipyard in the morning, to the various technical experts, to the on-board outfitter. I am always made to feel “important” at Cantiere delle Marche and I have never felt that I was lacking for anything at all. For example, since I am busy all day, I always end up calling your chairman after eight in the evening. I have never once felt that I was disturbing him, quite the opposite, I have always felt at ease, like one of the family.

Now that “Stella del Nord” is finally in her natural element and the summer season is fast approaching, it’s time to make cruising plans: what do you have in mind for the summer of 2015?
We expect to leave on Saturday, July 4th and make our first stop in Montenegro to refuel. Then, we’d like to sail towards Greece, continue through the Strait of Messina, so that by August we’ll reach Sardinia where we’ll meet up with our friends. Later, in September, the “Stella Del Nord” will be on exhibition at the boat show in Cannes. Finally, we plan to return to the Adriatic in October.

With a vessel like “Stella del Nord” it is difficult to set limits as to distances to cover and waters to explore; are there any transoceanic plans in this splendid yacht’s future? Which seas make your heart beat the fastest?
Our dream is to one day cross the Atlantic and go to the Caribbean where we’d like to spend the winter. Our daughter, who lives in the USA, has already “booked a room” on board. We are also thinking about circumnavigating the U.S. and Northern Canada, and are considering other routes, too, maybe in the Pacific.

And now for the most dangerous question … if you should one day build another yacht, would you do it again with Cantiere delle Marche? If yes, why?
When we began this adventure, I had no idea that building a steel sea craft would be so complicated, or so thrilling. I reached a compromise with my wife when we decided on the length [of this one]. Already, I am imagining a 110- or 115-foot “Darwin” … but where to have it built? At Cantiere delle Marche. Definitely. Why? Because I know it will be a positive experience and, at the end of the day, I know that I will be just as satisfied as I am now.

Owner Stella del Nord

Lamborghini Aventador SV sold out just three months after reveal


 Lamborghini Aventador SV sold out just three months after reveal

Lamborghini Aventador SV live at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

600 units planned

Revealed exactly three months ago, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce has reached sold out status.

Lamborghini plans on making 600 units of the Aventador SV and all of them have already been pre-sold, with 200 units heading to North & South America, 200 cars to the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region while the other 200 vehicles are heading to APAC (Asia Pacific) countries.

 Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce unveiled with extra power, less weight

Priced from €327,190 in Europe and $493,069 in United States, the hardcore Aventador is 50 PS more powerful than the standard LP 700-4 version and has also lost 50 kg (110 lbs). Moreover, Lamborghini’s engineers were able to improve the body’s aerodynamic efficiency by 150% and downforce by 170%.

Thanks to all of these changes, the latest mad bull from Sant’Agata Bolognese needs just 2.8 seconds for the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint and can do a top speed in excess of 217 mph (350 km/h).

Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia 2015

The final stage of the Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia ended in Brescia yesterday. The Prancing Horse cars left Parma in the early morning and headed for Busseto, the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi. They then drove on to Cortemaggiore, the home of the famous Trofeo Supercortemaggiore, in which Ferrari was one of the protagonists in the 1950s. However, the sporting high point of the entire Tribute came when the cars did a lap of the Autodromo di Monza, the long-time home of the Italian Grand Prix and one of the world’s greatest circuits along with Silverstone, Le Mans, Monaco, Indianapolis and Spa-Francorchamps. They also drove past the legendary Parabolica, the raised oval that played host to the Formula 1 grands prix until 1961. Having left the circuit nestling in its ancient park and woodland, the Ferraris then powered on to the gem-like city of Bergamo before driving to Chiari and, finally, the finish at Brescia.

Si è conclusa ieri a Brescia l’ultima tappa del Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia. Le vetture del Cavallino Rampante sono partite da Parma dirigendosi verso Busseto, paese natale di Giuseppe Verdi, per poi spostarsi a Cortemaggiore, nel Piacentino, sede del celebre trofeo Supercortemaggiore, che tante volte negli anni Cinquanta ha visto le Ferrari protagoniste. Il massimo della rievocazione sportiva però la si è avuta con il passaggio all’interno dell’Autodromo di Monza, da sempre la casa del Gran Premio d’Italia nonché uno degli autodromi di maggiore prestigio nel mondo insieme a Silverstone, Le Mans, Monaco, Indianapolis e Spa-Francorchamps. Le vetture sono passate al cospetto della leggendaria Parabolica, la curva dell’anello sopraelevato che fino al 1961 ha ospitato anche le gare di Formula 1. Dopo avere lasciato la pista immersa nel verde degli alberi secolari, le Ferrari si sono dirette verso la meravigliosa Bergamo prima di fare rotta verso Brescia dove sono arrivate passando per Chiari.

Four Seasons Private Jet Revealed: An Inside Look at Luxury in the Sky

CRESCENDO, a very special new watch from CENTURY








CRESCENDO, a very special new watch from CENTURY that offers a virtuoso celebration of life’s most precious moments.

Part of the MASTER IMPERIAL collection, CRESCENDO captures the awakening of spring to take winter’s place. It is the return of sunshine as the air becomes warmer, day by day. The delicate melting of snow, gradually revealing the first flowers. CRESCENDO announces the arrival of a season that allows time to blossom.

An extraordinary and unique piece, CRESCENDO seduces at first sight with its innovative design. Once again, the master craftsmen at CENTURY have brought to life a totally new face, using one of the most advanced jewellery techniques: the snow setting.

Nestled right next to one another, the different diamond cuts create a subtle and sophisticated effect. Individually selected, the sparkling stones appear to have been placed randomly, evoking the floral swirls of the hand-engraved dial, like the most precious dewdrops. Surrounding the bezel, this display recalls the wonder we feel before an immaculate carpet of snow pierced by the first blooms. Whatever the evocation, the design procures a sense of instant and natural freshness, like that felt at dawn on a day that promises to be special.

Complex yet perfectly pure, CRESCENDO dazzles with the 64 translucent facets of the CENTURY sapphire in a palladium hue. Cut and polished entirely by hand, they perform a veritable symphony of light, their radiant effect accentuated by the delicate curve of the case in 18 ct. white gold.

The beneficiary of the finest jewellery expertise, CRESCENDO is without a doubt a watch designed to partake in the rarest moments. Mounted on an elegant alligator strap, it reinvents the rules of supreme luxury through the prism of elegance and extreme femininity. This unique perspective offers an enchanting glimpse into the mystery of the passing of time.


Model in 18 ct. white gold with 592 snow-set diamonds (2.938 ct.). CENTURY sapphire with 64 facets cut and polished by hand. Hand-engraved gold dial. Quartz movement. Alligator leather strap.


Model in 18 ct. white gold with 195 snow-set diamonds (0.985 ct.) and 397 snow-set pink sapphires (2.416 ct.). CENTURY sapphire with 64 facets cut and polished by hand. Hand-engraved gold dial. Quartz movement. Alligator leather strap.

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