Heavy and Long Hermes Chaine D’Ancre Bracelet

HermesChainThis is a longer version of the classic Chaine D’Ancre bracelet at 8 inches which allows for easy on-and-off. Made in France and heavier than the newer bracelets this is just a fabulous look with other bracelets or alone. 18k, signed Hermes France. $22,000

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Nanis Italian Jewels

The Designer Cristina Sabatini

Cristina Sabatini

The Designer

Cristina Sabatini is an innovative and passionate artist who has spent her life defining her aesthetic and expanding her worldview. She began her career in apparel design as a teenager, and her success led her to open several high-end boutiques in Brazil before moving to New York to pursue her passion for jewelry design. Her unique perspective and entrepreneurial spirit have made Cristina Sabatini’s pieces sought after in dozens of countries, and her influence in the industry continues to grow. Her bold, vibrantly colored designs are heavily inspired by her travels across the globe, witnessing firsthand the beauty of both nature and human achievement through classical art and architecture.
Cristina has been formally trained in the art of jewelry design and the techniques applied in creating the finest handcrafted pieces. She works with a diverse, dedicated team of artisans to ensure that every piece she designs lives up to her uncompromising standards. With the success of her distinctive jewelry line, Cristina’s brand has now expanded into a line of handbags and accessories.


The Versailles collection is the most formal, elegant collection yet, using only natural precious and semiprecious stones, sterling silver, gold vermeil, and black rhodium. The shapes are inspired by nature, art, and architecture, interpreted and stylized by Cristina Sabatini’s unique aesthetic.

Victoria Lily Earring

Victoria Lily Earring

Crazy Lace Agate /Gold Plate

Ivy Leaves Ring

Sunstone/Gold Plate

Dancing Vine Earring

Sunstone/ Gold Plate

Dancing Vine Ring

CRESCENDO, a very special new watch from CENTURY








CRESCENDO, a very special new watch from CENTURY that offers a virtuoso celebration of life’s most precious moments.

Part of the MASTER IMPERIAL collection, CRESCENDO captures the awakening of spring to take winter’s place. It is the return of sunshine as the air becomes warmer, day by day. The delicate melting of snow, gradually revealing the first flowers. CRESCENDO announces the arrival of a season that allows time to blossom.

An extraordinary and unique piece, CRESCENDO seduces at first sight with its innovative design. Once again, the master craftsmen at CENTURY have brought to life a totally new face, using one of the most advanced jewellery techniques: the snow setting.

Nestled right next to one another, the different diamond cuts create a subtle and sophisticated effect. Individually selected, the sparkling stones appear to have been placed randomly, evoking the floral swirls of the hand-engraved dial, like the most precious dewdrops. Surrounding the bezel, this display recalls the wonder we feel before an immaculate carpet of snow pierced by the first blooms. Whatever the evocation, the design procures a sense of instant and natural freshness, like that felt at dawn on a day that promises to be special.

Complex yet perfectly pure, CRESCENDO dazzles with the 64 translucent facets of the CENTURY sapphire in a palladium hue. Cut and polished entirely by hand, they perform a veritable symphony of light, their radiant effect accentuated by the delicate curve of the case in 18 ct. white gold.

The beneficiary of the finest jewellery expertise, CRESCENDO is without a doubt a watch designed to partake in the rarest moments. Mounted on an elegant alligator strap, it reinvents the rules of supreme luxury through the prism of elegance and extreme femininity. This unique perspective offers an enchanting glimpse into the mystery of the passing of time.


Model in 18 ct. white gold with 592 snow-set diamonds (2.938 ct.). CENTURY sapphire with 64 facets cut and polished by hand. Hand-engraved gold dial. Quartz movement. Alligator leather strap.


Model in 18 ct. white gold with 195 snow-set diamonds (0.985 ct.) and 397 snow-set pink sapphires (2.416 ct.). CENTURY sapphire with 64 facets cut and polished by hand. Hand-engraved gold dial. Quartz movement. Alligator leather strap.

Van Der Bauwede Genève – Baselworld Models

VDBA watch and jewellery company for several generations, Van Der Bauwede Genève epitomizes ultimate luxury and displays boundless creativity in fulfilling your desires. Endowed with unique Swiss know-how and proven technical expertise, our teams of designers, watchmakers and jewellers demonstrate an exuberantly imaginative approach enabling them to create models distinguished by daring shapes and subtle nuances.

vdbtwilight1This year the major new watch model is synonymous with horolgoical complication with the VDB Legend T. Crown collection for men, equipped with a Tourbillon and retailing at CHF 19,800. For ladies, the TWILIGHT collection is in spotlight, with watches driven by calibres 15 and 10 on the one hand; as well as fine jewellery and jewellery models featuring a number of non-set and gem-set creations interpreting the same vampire-style theme. Finally, the IVY CLASSIC straps, a brand signature for the past 20 years, are making a grand comeback in the form of IVY PRECIOUS models set with diamonds of various colours and matching the stunning rings of the HENNA collection, brimming with vivid arabesque motifs inspired by oriental designs.

The must-have collections such as the VDB Legend Rider collections for men, and the women’s SNAKE, NEB-K, OCEAN DREAM, BUTTERFLY or VDB Diamond Solitaire watch, fine jewellery and jewellery collections are all there and are interpreted in countless different ways procuring a wide variety of pleasures.

vdbtwilight2The TWILIGHT collection is dedicated to the deep-seated
emotions we can feel pulsing through our veins. TWILIGHT
is an invitation to catch a glimpse of eternity. Embodying
both light and darkness it offers contrasts as powerful
as day and night, fire and ice, black and white – while
revealing a ‘blood’ red shade and exuding a rock-inspired


Pendant 00754
750 white gold (30 g)
Set with 1.25 cts of white diamonds, 1.70 cts
of black diamonds, 31.97 cts of heart-shaped
rubellites and 4.26 cts of teardrop-shaped
Earrings 00755
750 white gold (20 g)
Set with 0.24 cts of white diamonds, 2.50 cts
of black diamonds, 18.34 cts of oval-shaped
rubellites and 3.12 cts of teardrop-shaped
Ring 00757
750 white gold (21 g)
Set with 0.80 cts of white diamonds, de 1.25 cts
of black diamonds and 14.02 cts of rubellites
Ring 00758
750 white gold (20 g)
Set with 1.50 cts of white diamonds, 0.12 cts of
black diamonds and 11.10 cts of rubellites

Wryst Timepieces reveals the new “Motors & Shoreline” Luxury Sports Watches

The New Badass Sports Timepieces from WRYST

The Wryst Motors MS1 & MS2 watches are dedicated to Motorsports, Supercars, Formula 1 & all Racing Sports. In limited edition of 99 pieces, these exclusive luxury watches will most likely make you feel very special and up for a challenge… With a high-tech bi-color strap and black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating on the case, the crown and the bold square buckle, this is the ideal chronograph for your favorite high-risk and adrenaline races.

Wryst Motors MS1

Wryst Motors MS2

Wryst SHORELINE Collection:

The Shoreline ‘LX’ collection proves to be dedicated to individualist gents & women with energy, style and charisma. Built and manufactured in the Swiss traditions, Wryst Timepieces excel watchmaking and redefine elegance and refinement with gold, pink gold and brushed stainless steel casing. Enjoy wearing your lifestyle for your favorite water sports, winter sports, outdoor sportive activities and VIP nights out. Only 99 pieces of each reference LX4, LX5 & LX6 will ever be produced.
Wryst Shoreline LX4
Wryst Shoreline LX5
Wryst Shoreline LX6

New HM5 Edition: RT on the road in Red Gold and Titanium

The original Horological Machine N°5 in zirconium was launched at the end of 2012; at the time, we explained that a new series would be presented every year. For the 2013 edition introduced in November, we’ve modified the case to red gold and titanium.

Red gold is significantly heavier than the original zirconium, so this could have been one heavy timepiece… but you probably noticed that we’ve offset the warm gold colour with some cooler (and lighter) titanium components. However, we went a step further: HM5 has an internal container, which protects the movement from shocks and water. Previously in stainless steel, the RT edition’s container is now in titanium. The result? A very different-looking machine, but which retains a comfortable weight.

Aside from this, HM5 RT keeps all the 1970s-inspired ingredients from the original edition. The design cues are from the first supercars like the Lamborghini Miura and Lotus Esprit, as well as the wacky watches of that decade, powered by the first quartz movements.

Technically-speaking, the movement and time display are a unique combination of mechanical and optical engineering: the jumping hours and minutes, situated on horizontal discs in the calibre, are reflected upwards 90 degrees, reversed and magnified 20% by an optical prism in sapphire crystal. Don’t get me started on how difficult it is to craft that prism…

One of the most surprising features of HM5 is what we call the “light convector” system. If the time display seems a bit dim, flip open the flaps on the case. This will let light flow in, through the sapphire crystal window of the inner container, down onto the SuperLuminova of the hour and minute discs.

HM5 RT is a limited edition of 66 pieces. You’ll find a lot more about HM5 on our website, including a fast-paced video with some beautiful 1970s supercars.