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The 10 Best Fashion Stats from’s Year End Review


Everyone loves a list, and year-end lists are the best of them all. In the crush of current news, there’s a tendency to forget all the ridiculous and amazing things that took place six weeks ago, let alone 11 months ago. has kicked off the year-end list extravaganza and set the bar really high for the rest of us list makers toiling away trying to remember what the heck happened in 2011.


Their list looks at 18 different events that happened this year, from the Dior/Galliano drama to the Royal Wedding. Wondering out how many buttons were on Kate Middleton’s gown? How many names have been tossed in the ring to replace Galliano at Dior?

Read on.

1) 15: Number of designers who have been considered for the Dior job. Will it be Haider? Alex Wang? Tom Ford? Galliano again? wonders if perhaps the job is jinxed. Hopefully 2012 will bring a resolution.

2) 36: Number of Lady Gaga covers worldwide. Hmm, somehow it seemed like many more than that.

3) 241,826: Number of likes for the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society Facebook page. And no doubt growing at an alarming rate.

4) 1998: The year Elle Fanning was born. Who else feels ancient right now?

5) 11: Number of stores that had to re-order those Givenchy rottweiler tees, which were seen on everyone from Kanye West to Liv Tyler. Who knew that big, scary dog shirts would do so well?

6) 30,748: Number of frequent flier miles Carine Roitfeld racked up in 2011. She’ll probably double it in 2012.

7) $5,526: Price difference between a “real” Versace piece and a Versace for H&M piece. Well, unless you go on eBay. Then it’s considerably less.

8) 58: Number of gazar and organza buttons on the back of Kate Middleton‘s Sarah Burton-designed wedding gown. Which no doubt made it sort of tough for her and Prince William to have a wedding day quickie in the church basement.

9) 61: Number of shows Arizona Muse walked in during the Fall 2011 season. Wonder what herfeet looked like afterwards.

10) 12: Number of actual designers who showed up for Kanye West’s “designer” debut. (Number of designers who went on the record saying they loved the collection? Um….)

Ralph Lauren Transforms Online Catalog Into Holiday Greeting Cards

by Lauren Indvik – Mashable Business

By now, we know that online greeting cards can be a way to spread brand awareness among networks of friends, but can they be used to drive sales as well? Ralph Lauren is about to find out. For the holidays, the clothing company’s Rugby line has developed customizable — and shoppable — holiday ecards in the style of its online catalog. The virtual cards show models walking in and out of animated thumbnail images while holding block letters that spell out a greeting of your choice. The names and prices of the goods they are wearing are listed underneath. Two clicks later and you’ve added one of those items to your shopping bag. “We wanted a creative way to engage our customers and drive traffic for the holidays through ecommerce, so we created the Rugby MYO Holiday Card,” David Lauren, SVP of advertising, marketing and corporate communications, wrote in an email to Mashable. “This is a fun and innovative way to simultaneously introduce friends to Rugby and share custom messages for the holiday season.” The cards hit just the right note: They’re visually interesting enough for friends to share, and show enough product to get recipients to continue exploring the rest of the catalog.

bonus video: Ralph Lauren: In His Own Words 


Louis Vuitton elevates Exclusivity for Top Customers

by Red Luxury

It’s luxury brands’ growing dilemma: how to sell more and remain exclusive. World-renowned handbag maker Louis Vuitton seems to have found an answer. The company has created a purchasing experience for customers that psychologist, consultant, and author Peter Collett calls “fantasian.” “The surrounding is as important as the product,” Collett said. Mixing art and luxury to “create a little bubble” leads clients to feel special, he said.

That’s exactly the effect that LVMH, Louis Vuitton’s Paris-based parent company, is hoping for and more. Louis Vuitton’s most valued customers now have exclusive access to a luxury apartment above its New Bond Street Store in London as well as a jetty in Singapore.

The architect behind this temple to luxury VIP space, Peter Marino, said the plan for the VIP apartment was hatched in response to a growing trend in luxury stores in China. “The feedback from the brands who created them in China was a revelation. They make as much profit from these areas as they do out of all the selling floors,” said Marino. So he put the idea to Louis Vuitton. Marino said it’s an experiment since he has never done this for a brand in the West before.

The New Bond Street apartment features three lounging areas adorned with artwork such as Basquiat’s Napoleonic Stereotype Circa 44 and pieces by Gilbert & George. The apartment allows Louis Vuitton to host dinner parties and create private suites for viewing products. This kind of space is “where you go and do private shopping and don’t have to mix with the riffraff,” said Peter Mace, a partner in charge of London retail leasing at broker Cushman & Wakefield Inc.

Vuitton opened its first flagship store in Southeast Asia at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands shopping complex in September. The glass and steel pavilion, “the maison of the traveler with a nautical spirit,” has a jetty for clients who want to shop by yacht.

The creation of luxury bubbles for top clients may be pricey – Mace estimates Vuitton’s London flat set the company back more than $50 million – but the investment seems to pay off. Vuitton generated 28 percent of LVMH’s revenue last year and 57 percent of earnings before interests and taxes, HSBC estimates. LVMH also reported a 13 percent increase in fashion and leather goods sales in the first 9 months of 2011.

Currently, Vuitton lays claim to one of the industry’s highest averages of sales per store, generating about $17.4 million per location, beating out Gucci’s average by over 50 percent. Vuitton’s figure can be expected to increase: the company plans to slow new store openings and invest more to spruce up some of the 459 shops it already owns. With an art gallery and a yacht at their customers’ disposal, one can only imagine what’s next for Louis Vuitton’s VIPs – perhaps a safari for the season’s hottest accessories.

38 Angels at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011

by Proto Thema
The annual show of Victoria’s Secret Fashion aired from CBS and thousands of viewers had the opportunity to enjoy the unique spectacle.
38 models 38 angels.
In the show were present the shiny superstar Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Maroon 5.
One of the most remarkable points of the evening was the worth 2.5 million bras presented by Miranda Kerr.

Anatomy of a maison – Louis Vuitton “Maison”

by MARION HUME at Financial Review

In the Medieval age, the sight of a towering spire signalled a city of splendour. Today, it is cathedrals of retailing that indicate metropolitan status in the global pecking order. The December 3 opening, not of another Louis Vuitton store – there are already 460 of those worldwide – but of a much grander Louis Vuitton ‘Maison’ (of which there are just 13) proves Sydney must be a very smart town indeed. Kar-Hwa Ho is the man responsible for the latest Australian opening, as well as such landmark stores as Louis Vuitton Singapore, housed on its very own island. Vuitton’s design director for the Asia-Pacific region tellsMarion Humeabout the new maison in the company of the brand’s Paris-based director of architecture, David McNulty.

A cathedral for a secular age

“Is that a compliment?” asks David McNulty. “I suppose fashion houses are becoming architectural theatre in the way opera houses were and cathedrals used to be. For us, there is always a question of visibility. We cannot be tucked away. We must be seen.” So how big a footprint is needed for a maison? “About 2000 square metres” says McNulty. Walk-ins are welcome at the Sydney Maison, because busy George Street means there’s nowhere to park, let alone a space for your limo to wait. But what of those Vuitton stores where you can’t walk in? The line at the Paris Champs Élysées flagship store often numbers in the hundreds. “It’s really not good to have people waiting,” protests McNulty, revealing that staff serve hot beverages to waiting crowds and the company sometimes lays on transport to the other five Vuitton stores in Paris, “but everyone wants to go to that one because it’s the biggest.”

If we build it, they will come

To semaphore to the customer that a maison is more than just a place to pick up a monogram wallet, it helps if the building itself is jaw-droppingly attractive and the Sydney Maison certainly is chic. “But we don’t own the building, which means there are restrictions,” explains Ho. Even without these, sometimes the most arresting designs don’t get built. All the architecture models that didn’t make it are in the Vuitton head office, including one of shining metal rods by Zaha Hadid. “One day!” says Ho, wistfully. Do the challenges of preserving history lead to better stores? Not always. “While we’re not interested in destroying heritage buildings, our original concepts are usually better,” says McNulty, who adds that, sometimes, keeping the history can go too far. At the recently opened Milan Maison, he says, “there’s a really ugly mural on the wall. Really ugly. It has a preservation order on it so we built a wall in front of it, so some archaeologist in the future can come in and find it.”

bonus video : Fly high above the very first Island Maison from Louis Vuitton located at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


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Cartier Gets Digital


Cartier will launch the first leg of its second digital “Painted Love” campaign for its Love jewelry line Nov. 9 — on Facebook. It will mark the first time the luxury brand has marketed on Facebook, where it boasts more than 280,000 fans. “A digital platform is a wonderful medium to express creativity,” said Corinne Delattre, head of communications at Cartier International. “The digital landscape is in constant evolution and with that, our role as communicators evolves daily. Our mission is to keep the timelessness of our maison in the reign of the ‘endless now.’” In partnership with The Hours, the four-and-a-half-minute short film is set to a backdrop of music from French band Air, and Brooklyn-based Waverly Films. The first of three parts, it features a painter in New York City in search of his creative vision of a woman — who ultimately loses touch with reality. He can’t get his vision right, so he goes out in the world — and his life becomes the fantasy that he’s created in his paintings. “The way Cartier envisioned the Love project was by initiating exclusive and original collaborations and highly creative synergies between the music and the image worlds,” said Leslie Dubest, co-founder and chief creative officer of The Hours. “Emotion through art engages digital conversation. This is the new marketing.” Cartier hosted an event and screening Tuesday at the Thompson LES hotel’s penthouse here, and events in Paris and Tokyo will follow. In 2007, the brand released its first digital campaign, “How Far Would You Go for Love,” where Olivier Dahan directed a dozen short films that featured models such as Helena Christensen and Marisa Berenson.


Prada to Launch Jewelry Made of Crocodile and Resin

by NewYork Fashion

Two pieces from the new collection.Prada will debut a capsule collection of jewelry in November made of what WWD calls “unconventional mixed” materials, including crocodile, leather, metallic studs, colored gems, and resin roses. They’ll be sold at Prada boutiques worldwide, with prices starting at 350 euros (about $488).

Hermès’ first ever interior design for a hotel

Owned by Century Group, the Trump Tower in Manila Phillippines), the most luxurious building in Manila, features high-rise condos with public areas (lobbies, libraries, pools) and apartments decorated by Versace, Missoni. Hermes Library at Trump Tower Manila, PhilippinesHermès was approached to design the public spaces of the building complex and, suprisingly, they accepted, making it the very first Hermès interior design for a public project. Despite the fact that Hermès has recently launched an extended home collection, including carpets and furniture, the French maison remains deeply focused on its core product range emanating from their exceptional craftsmanship.
Hermes Library at Trump Tower Manila, Philippines

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