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Top Ten Fashion Trends For Spring 2012



Let’s start out with what’s up with fashion color trends…

The big color trend for 2012 spring/summer is mint green… Yes you read right – mint green is the biggest color trend for the up coming season. The racks will be full of fashions that all done up in a soft whimsical version of mint green .

Another color trend being you will see this spring, especially in handbags and shoes is neon’s. Such as bright blues, yellows, greens, oranges, and hot pinks.

Do you Crochet? Well it’s back… Crochet vests are big this spring, maybe you can look to the back of your closet . maybe you might have a bit of a crochet number lurking.

The color that jumps out at the head of the line for this spring when it comes to neon shades, is orange! Less face it there is no other color that can make a loud fashion statement as bright orange. So need a new handbag or a great pair of shoes? Make it orange.

Belt bags are one of the great big trends… However, I am not talking “fanny packs’…Stick to the new small square flat belt bags – so cute, and less weight to carry on that shoulder.

Feet need a rest This spring kitten heels are big… The kitten heel is a good choice this spring. They are feminine, and classic, as well as comfortable.

Creamy neutrals, all done up to give you a very feminine look. Flowing pajama – styles, tunics. All meant to be classical, and again comfortable.

Think whimsical pattrens. From bird prints to deers, fruit, feathers, you name it, tops with whimsical prints are big. You will see everything from blouses to dresses all sporting Whimsical prints.

Stripes – Stripes seem to hold a place in fashion year after year. You can’t go wrong wearing stripes, from head to toe…

High-Waisted flare pants are so big this spring… The pant that Katharine Hepburn made so popular, is back… I suggest you pair this style of pants with a great heel, just to give the old look a bit of flare. The new flare pant as a rule have loops for a skinny belt, so you can flash up the look with a flashy thin belt.

Mint IT’s So Hot For Such A Cool Color

 Sundresses Are So Trendy This Summer – This Is A Sundress That Will Keep You Minty Cool…

This Creamy neutral Sheath is all done up to give you a very feminine classical look…

note the wonderful natural drape at the bottom of the skirt.

This soft blue pastel suit shows a bit of a shoulder pad to sightly broaden the shoulder line.

Fashion Trends You Need To Know About…

Designers this spring and summer are utilizing heavenly fabrics, light as a cloud so to say… – and putting out some wonderful heaven inspired designs. Soft and feminine dresses, and blouses, to make you feel like a bit of an angel.

Designers have not left all you little devils out. This spring and summer you will see a big come back in red! A bold color that is not just for you red hot gals.

Many fashions this season will be sewed up with the up most intricately, touting pleats, folds, and draping. Giving references to ancient Greece and Rome.

The oh so sexy one shoulder look is also big for this summer. Lots of designers have given the a two-sleeve look the cold shoulder …

The Katharine Hepburn’s influence as always still reigns. You will continue to see tailored blazers, cute fitted cardigans, and ties …

As mentioned above florals are so big this spring and summer…You will see the racks over loaded with wonderful floral’s, from soft muted pastels, to South Pacific inspired with bright and bold floral’s – just about in every shade you can imagine…

It seems more than a few designers are adding the sexy silk robes look to their line this spring. Not to mention drawstring shorts, and vertical stripes. The pajama party look with an elegant twist…

Spring fashions will burst out with vivid colors…

The Black And White Of It…

Color was everywhere on the runways for spring/summer. However , many top designers mixed in black and white creations, and also dull neutrals seem to hold on this season.

Photo – This great design is by Michael Kors. Note how he incorporated lace in the skirt, and mixed it all up with a sporty strip mix at the top.

Lace is big this season, it is being used as never before. It is popping up not only in evening wear and lingerie, but ready to wear- not to mention its covering shoes, and handbags, you name it…

Check out the fab handbag – bright white clutch with shiny chains. The biggest trend in handbags this spring/summer – short strapped oversized handbags or totally over sized clutch’s… Another big trend in handbags that was evident on this springs runways, lots of shiny hardware.

Black & White And All Mixed Up !

Note how the designer mixed the fabrics and patterns in a way that complimented one another perfectly.

Stripes Are So Hot For 2012 !

Check out the classic looks, and the bold looks in stripes for spring.

One of the big trends this season is anything striped… Expect to see lots of stripe, not only on wonderful nautical knit tops, but dresses, handbags, and even shoes…

Check out photo above outfit of “Michael Kors” design – He used a very simple classical nautical striped top, and mixed it up with a long button cardigan, and flare a-line skirt … The results – a chic casual look.

Stripes Of A Bolder Nature – were all over the New York Runways for spring 2012….

Lace Is Showing Up Everywhere…

Add a pair of lacey pumps to a tailored suit or wear them with a great pair of jeans… Anyway you look at it – you are going to add a bit of glam to an otherwise perhaps boring outfit.

Lace is a big trend for this spring and summer. Once only reserved for wedding dresses or formal wear, lace is showing up everywhere. Designers are adding lace to not only sporty shoes and handbags, but to everyday wear such as blouses, skirts, and dresses. Its trendy girls, but enjoy it while it lasts…

Pastel Leather Biker Jackets … Are a big trend this spring

Leather Motorcycle Jackets – not just for biker babes this spring…

Biker Babes… This spring swap out that blazer for a oh so cute leather motorcycle jacket. This is a fast growing trend, keep in mind its not the typical black leather type. This year designers have put out some wonderful biker inspired jackets, pastels, bright classic colors, and yes some metallic jobs… As well as fabulous white !

Skirt Lenghts This Spring and Summer Are Mid knee,… Looks like last years Skirt Lengths Are Here To Stay!

Paisley… This Spring Enjoy This Wonderful Ethnic Print…

Paisley is surprisingly versatile – if you learn to balance the atention- getting graphics with a tailored piece to complete the look.

Pair your paisley with neutral hues or match to the darkest color in the print.

This spring and summer paisley will be big – so add a piece or two to your wardrobe.

Paisley Prints Are Classicly Used In Spring/Summer Fashions!

Another big trend this season – Anything Paisley
Fashions that scream color and fun! Dresses, skirts, blouses, handbags, shoes, will all be out there for the pickings… Paisley will be infused into so many great fashions this season. Some designers adding Bollywood glam to infuse fun bright paisley into otherwise boring fashions. Consider adding a bit of paisley into your spring/summer wardrobe.

High Waist Pants Have Become a Big Trend This Season

It’s great to see the high waist pant come back into style. Note the oh so feminine floral blouse… High waisted pants also look great with the biker look jackets….

What’s New in Shorts This Season?

the waist- line is a bit higher…And more comfortable

This year you will see some great changes in the waist band … Last year, you had the tiny hipster waists, plunging to an uncomfortable low, so to say.

This summer look forward to being comfortable, and some what lady like… The return of a bit higher waist .

In regard to length – You will see short shorts, to knee toppers, that just hit the top of the knee. The fit on a knee topper should be straight, not tight – straight. You will also see some great cuffed shorts, very tailored, and very cute.

The Most Popular Shorts For This Summer – Boyish Styled Long Shorts ….
A great pair of “long shorts” are a summer wardrobe must.

A huge trend this summer will be the long to just above the knee boyish long shorts – paired with feminine tops. Add a great flip flops or heels, you are good to go…

 Where are shoe styles headed this spring and summer?

High-heeled cut out booties are one of the big trends for spring…

Shoes have defiantly become a way of expressing ones artistic likes… With wonderful intricate shapes, and bold colors. One must put away the old black pumps, and step into the new wonderful world of color, patterns, and crazy designs, not to mention hardware,flowers…

Shoes this season are unique, and not all that practical. Can an ordinary woman pull off the wild new look in shoes? Well maybe… But perhaps the most wild designs should remain on the on catwalk? But shop around, there are some great shoe styles out there this spring – with perhaps just a bit of quirkiness. You at least need one pair of wild artistic shoes in your wardrobe…

Blooming tootsies…
This Spring – you will see flowers popping up all over. Especially on our shoes. Floral applique’s will embellishment loads of shoes this spring. Another big trend – prints, you will be able to find lots of patterns in subtle or as extreme as you desire.

Metallic all the way…
Zip it up or buckle it in… But get your feet ready to sparkle! Be ready to see hardware this spring , in the form of zippers, snaps and buckles. This hardware will be used in a abundance not only to adorn pumps, but everything from ballerina flats to fantastic sandals this spring/summer fashion season.

Cut-Out Booties
High-heeled booties are holding on strong for 2009 spring/summer fashion season. Most shoe Designers found a way to keep booties fresh and colorful for this spring. One way was to cut away parts of the bootie, leaving lots of skin showing through the cutout. Whether it’s open-toes, cut-away sides, or cut-out heels, you can’t go wrong with a pair or two of these in your closet.

Gladiator Sandals
Gladiator Sandals have battled their way back this year…. Yes – gladiator sandals will be bigger this spring/summer than they were in the summer of 2008. Believe it or not they will be bigger ! So what will be different the gladiator sandal will sport a heavily strapped heeled. You will find the gladiator takes on color this season . Bold colors will make them even more dynamic than ever before.

The Most Expensive Prom Dress!


Ah, prom. The corsages, the awkward photos, the begging to stay out past curfew, the $14,000 dress.

Hold up. The $14,000 dress? That’s right, mom and dad. Racked has drawn our attention to “The $13,997 Prom Dress” (okay, we rounded up) by DressGoddess made “with an assortment of genuine diamonds valued at more than $13,000 and hand sewn throughout the bodice of the dress.” It also “epitomizes striking Hollywood glamour” and “ensures a memorable entrance and exit at any prom.”

For those girls who think The $13,997 Prom Dress is a bit much, there’s also a $398 “La Femme 15987” version. Downgrade!

Take a look and tell us what you think.

Top 10 Handbags

at theStyleGroup

  The Hermes Birkin tops The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags. A feeding frenzy for this particular accessory has reached such heights that similar crocodile-skin models were offered in the US for as much as $80,000. But even if you’ve got the money to spend, there’s a waiting list. The bag’s manufacturer, Hermès, wrings its hands and apologises that demand for its leather goods is so high that there is a waiting list of up to nine months for finished items.  
  Number Two on The Style Group Top Ten Luxury Handbags list is The Kelly bag, named after the Princess Grace of Monaco. Only a few products – like a Chanel haute couture suit or an Hermes Kelly  bag – may remain an unattainable dream for the majority of fashionistas.  
Silvia Fendi worked in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld to embellish the trademark Fendi handbag– the baguette–Number 3 on The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags list. Fendi crafted a mosaic of purses, which came out for the first time in the 1999 fall/winter collection.
  Our pick for Number 4 on The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbagslist is this Louis Vuitton and Japanese artist Takashi Murakamicreation–a hip new bag for the young at heart. What an original idea–the classic logo updated in playful colors! Expected for the Spring/Summer Collection.  
  The Style Group picks this Balenciaga handbag as our Number 5 pick onThe Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags. If you find one, grab it! This great new “motorcycle” handbag from Balenciaga is extremely hard to get your hands on!  
  Always the quintissential luxury statement, Dior makes The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags list with this elegantly understated and brilliantly designed bag! John Galliano, Dior’s successor, follows his predecessor’s style with an equally flawless number–blending today’s freedom of expression with the reminiscence of an opulent past.  
  There will always be a Prada on The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags list and this new one is modern, quirky and has perhaps the most hip style available. As you know, Prada bags continue to be the most imitated fashion accessories in recent years.  
  The Style Group picks this large-topped handle bag in black satin and feathers with bamboo handle as our Number 8 pick on our  Top Ten Luxury Handbags list. The signature style is from “One of the first status labels”, Gucci!  
  The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags includes the Bottega Veneta Tote bag at Number 9. Perfect for those with the need to be chic! As with all Bottega Veneta products, it’s masterfully constructed.  
  The Style Group’s Top Ten Luxury Handbags would be remiss without aTOD’S entry on our list! The Tod’s brand has exploded in the past two years with the products being coveted by the most influential people world-wide. How about that!  



The million euro handbag

by Vanessa Friedman at

Q: When is a hand bag not just a handbag ?

A: When it is also a piece of high jewellery and a sculptural object.

Such is the case, anyway, with Hermès’s second foray into haute bijouterie (as opposed to haute joaillerie — the former starts with outrageous  designs, the latter with mega stones). Their jeweller and shoe maestro Pierre Hardy created four different mini-handbags, in part  inspired by the brand’s iconic handbags, using gold and a LOT of precious  stones. They are each functionally a “bracelet” and they actually work as (very  small) handbags.In theory, anyway.

It seems to me the idea of anyone actually carrying a handbag worth €1.5m  and made of intertwining chains covered in 11,000 diamonds, or a rose gold  version of the Kelly bag with crocodile scales and 1,160 diamonds is a little  nuts, and I mentioned this to Patrick Thomas, the CEO of the brand. He  laughed.

 The crocodile skin and diamond Hermès bag (photo by  Dan Tobin Smith)

“We are a little crazy here,” he said.

Then I asked Mr Hardy whom he thought would buy the handbags. “I have no  idea,” he announced. He seemed to think this was very funny. “But maybe they  will have two bodyguards!”

I have no doubt the bags will be bought — if recent history proves anything,  it’s that the crazier and more extravagant the luxury object, the more there’s a  market for it — but it was also nice, I have to say, to hear a brand talk about  their products without announcing they were planned for “the Asian market” or “the American market”, or any other sort of highly researched demographic.  Hermès had made the bags, it seems, because the design idea was very Hermès and  because they wanted to see if they could (it took two years to develop and they  can only make three versions of each).

The Louis Vuitton bag (photo by Vanessa Friedman)

As it happens this is not the first time a brand has unveiled a high  jewellery handbag. Louis Vuitton’s high jewellery launch in January featured a  round ball of a handbag with the LV monogram picked out in an eye-boggling  number of brown and white diamonds. (Jewellery has become such an important  extension for the brand that they are opening their first stand-alone jewellery  store on Place Vendôme in Paris this spring.

I had the same reaction then I had to the Hermès bags: giggling in disbelief. “No!” I said. “Yes!” said the LV jewellery folks, delighted. They met my  disbelief with the same equanimity as the Hermès execs: “make it and they will  buy” pretty much sums up their position.

I guess you can sort of see the equation:

handbags (enormously popular luxury  accessory) x fine jewellery (super-exclusive one-off design with commodity  investment potential) = must-have object

So that makes two examples of this crazy idea. One more, and we’ll have a  trend on our hands. Or our arms, to be exact.

Oscar fashions: Safe style is the star at 2012 Academy Awards


After the fashion insanity that was the Grammys, the Academy Awards were a welcome sight for sore eyes. Even though the safe evening garb favored by the Hollywood elite at the Oscars is much more “red carpet” than “runway,” it still winds up being the most talked-about fashion event of the year.

This year’s red carpet was no different, but many of the stars did sport some current trends to great effect: long sleeves, modest cuts, bold colors, and even peplums. White and other paler shades continued to dominate over black, and strapless silhouettes were less dominant.

Jennifer Lopez arrives before the 84th Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)
gallery (36 photos)
Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet  Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet Oscars 2012: On the red carpet  Oscars 2012: On the red carpet

There were, as usual, hits and misses. Here were our choices, in no particular order:

Viola Davis: The star of “The Help” looked fabulous in daringly decollete, perfectly tailored emerald green taffeta Vera Wang, gorgeously draped and pleated at the train. It went perfectly with her beautiful red cropped hair and dazzlingly huge diamond and emerald drop earrings.

Rooney Mara: The reed-slender “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” is the best thing to hit the red carpet in ages. Her low-cut, modernist, minimalist white Givenchy — with its winged bodice, lacy straps and draped, banded back — was outstanding. Perhaps even better was her equally modern glistening raven hair, scraped into a tight bun with her trademark heavy bangs. Her only accessories were her scarlet lips and razor-sharp cheekbones — she wore no jewelry whatsoever.

Michelle Williams: There was so much to love about this one. Williams shone in a bold color: a strapless coral-red Louis Vuitton with a peplum and a fuller skirt. Her short, gleaming blond pixie cut, diamond choker and a diamond bow brooch at the waist matched perfectly. She chose her new-fave red lip as well. She looked demure, adorable and wonderful.

Octavia Spencer: In keeping with her recent red-carpet track record, Spencer again wore a gown that was so nicely appropriate for her age and figure. This time it was a cap-sleeved, beaded ivory Tadashi Shoji (her go-to designer), with a modest neckline and a sharply defined waist. Her simple, shiny updo was equally elegant and understated.

Melissa McCarthy: She went for a romantic peachy-nude chiffon Marina Rinaldi gown edged in silver beading. Not sure if the gathered bodice was the best choice considering her ample bust, but the Empire waist and the billowing three-quarter sleeves definitely were. As was her gorgeous, intricate hairstyle that enhanced her natural curls.

Berenice Bejo: With her lustrous red hair in almost a dual ‘do (a tight braid encircling the front of her head and a bun at the back), Bejo was a standout in a long-sleeved, lacy mint-green Elie Saab gown. Just as delicate as a cobweb. She nailed two trends — color and long sleeves — and her emerald drop earrings were the icing on the cake.

Jessica Chastain: The red-carpet newcomer looked more like Jessica Rabbit in a black strapless Alexander McQueen, heavily embroidered in gold and copper that poured from the bust to below her waist. Her gentle red waves and cat-eye black eyeliner added to the drama, and her small jewels let the gown carry the day. It was a lot of dress but she carried it well.

Rose Byrne: She was stunning in a long, skinny slink of sequined deep-blue Vivienne Westwood, one-shouldered and backless. Her slick bob boasted bangs and an interesting side part. Byrne’s makeup was subtle, enhancing her superb bone structure. Quietly, but very hot.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Even when Gwynnie is not nominated, she can kill with her impeccable style and willingness to take risks. She chose a one-shouldered white Tom Ford Grecian gown, starkly simple, with a long cape draped over her shoulders. It was a huge fashion risk but it worked because it was so “fashion.” Her low-slung ponytail and golden skin were the perfect minimal accents.

Emma Stone: Who says redheads can’t wear red? When it’s one-shouldered with a dramatic bow, simple detailing and a soft skirt — by Giambattista Valli — heck yes. Her hair was side-parted and twisted into a coiled bun, and her porcelain skin just glowed against the strong shade.

Jennifer Lopez: Well, there has to be a worst, and J. Lo’s was it. The Zuhair Murad gown was just too, too much — the low cut, the open sleeves, the gold stripes (or transparent, hard to tell which), the dipping back. Subtlety is not her thing, obviously. Her overly done hair was another strike against her. She looked like she was just trying too hard, either to be noticed or to look younger.

Glenn Close: Could the acting legend please take some style lessons from Dame Helen Mirren, who knows how to sex it up tastefully, even at a “certain age.” She wore strapless deep green Zac Posen, which had potential, but put a matching blazer over it. Why? Was she headed to some office afterward? Her blond hair, though, was done in soft, sultry waves, which helped matters a little.

bonus video : 84th Academy Awards 2012 Oscars fashion in review best & worst dress by MegaCarameldiva

London Fashion Week 2012 – Alexander McQueen fashion house -McQ- collection

Theatrical, magical and unforgettable – these epithets could be called the latest Alexander McQueen fashion house “McQ” collection, presented on Monday at London Fashion Week. The media declares that this fashion show was a love story – love, A. McQueen and great love of the true regular British style. On the catwalk king military-style green olive and blue coats and jackets, contrasted with the ultra feminine dresses.

Chose a collection of locally produced fabrics – wool, velvet, checkered material, knitting, felt, and skin. Men fashion designers offering excellent cut military-style jackets and coats, leather kilt and shirt.
Last on the podium of the United States model Kristen McMenamin, clothed in richly decorated with white lace wedding dress blowing.

Reviews: New York Fashion Week takes a bow

 at Metro


A model walks the runway at the Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Autumn Winter 2012 fashion show


1. Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren is partly responsible for the feminine ’20s -inspired moment you’ve been seeing in the March issues of fashion magazines. So it came as somewhat of a surprise to see him go in the opposite direction for fall with classic, mannish tailoring. The collection was quintessential Ralph Lauren through the lens of British elegance — elongated three piece trouser suits in tweed and Prince of Wales check, chic tuxedos worn with top hats and canes and smartly tailored trousers paired with fair isle sweaters. The femininity emerged later through a series of bombshell gowns that came in satin, velvet and elaborate beading. They displayed a rich, decadent craftsmanship rarely seen in a week dominated by sellable sportwear.  
bonus video : Ralph Lauren Fashion Show Final Walk Fall 2012

Full Shows at Milan Men’s Fashion Week | FashionTV – FTV F MEN

  A Winter’s Tale: Ermenegildo Zegna Fall/Winter 2012/13 Show – Milan Men Fashion Week | FashionTV
Trussardi Men Fall/Winter 2012/13 Full Show at Milan Men’s Fashion Week | FashionTV – FTV F MEN
Etro Men Fall/Winter 2012/13 Show ft Francisco Lachowski at Milan
Roberto Cavalli Men Fall/Winter 2012/13 Full Show at Milan Men’s




Manolo Blahnik: Feet First

By TINA GAUDOIN at The Wall Street Journal

The Celebrated Shoemaker on Good Design, True Style and the Most Tragic Moment of His Life.

Since he began his career in the early ’70s, Manolo Blahnik has dominated the shoe world. And this season, with the demise of the heavy wedge and the return of the stiletto and mule, every woman worth her salt will be wearing his uniquely crafted designs.

[gaudoin]Everything they say about Manolo Blahniks is true. Yes, the shoes are expensive and yes, wearing the right pair might occasionally be—to quote Madonna—”better than sex.” But you’d better not let Blahnik hear you say that. Being a man of refined tastes, there’s little doubt that the Canary Islands-born, Bath-based shoe designer would find that concept somewhat crass. There are those in the fashion world (and I have to admit that I’m among them) for whom Blahnik is the last word in style. Perhaps this is because as the son of a Czech father and Spanish mother, educated first at home and then in Geneva, Paris and London, and championed in New York by fashion editor Diana Vreeland, Blahnik sees the world through the eyes of a global sophisticate and artisan.

Self-taught, Blahnik says he learned the art of shoemaking by trial and error; his interest piqued by watching his mother make espadrilles for fun (though her sartorial tastes tended toward couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga). In 1974, his urbanity won the handsome and perennially well-turned-out Blahnik a place as the first man on the cover of British Vogue, embracing Angelica Huston in a shot by David Bailey.

Bianca Jagger famously wore his shoes for her entrance into Studio 54, sitting astride a white charger; the Princess of Wales was a fan; and the “Sex and the City” character Carrie Bradshaw had such a predilection for his heels that “Manolos” became a household name. His awards are numerous, including two from the British Fashion Council and two from the Council of Fashion Designers America. In 2007, he was named an honorary Commander of the British Empire for services to the country’s fashion industry.

Blahnik has steadfastly refused to bow to trends and says that he often reworks old designs to make them “new again.” His clientele doesn’t care either way. Even in today’s perilous world, there are waiting lists for Blahnik’s shoes stateside.

[gaudoin]From left to right, ‘Amiela’ leather court shoe with metal-ball heel from the spring 2012 collection, £825; ‘Odalisca’ leather mule with metal-ball heel from spring 2012, £720; ‘Imbratahi’ boot from autumn/winter 2011-12.

I don’t think we have advanced since the ’60s. Everything was so new then. These days, we have so little creativity and freshness in fashion. There are too many collections and too much commercialism. Everybody is driven by money. Of course, we all need money, but to make that your only motivation for creating something is wrong. (more…)

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