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CARTIER opens major exhibition in Singapore



CARTIER Time Art Exhibition at Artscience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, SingaporeCARTIER Time Art Exhibition at Artscience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Cartier opened earlier this month its highly anticipated Time Art exhibition at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. The exhibition marks the first time Cartier is showcasing such a sizeable collection of the brand’s work outside of Switzerland.Apart from discovering the history behind wristwatches through the very first collections of Santos and Tank watches, the guests, for the first time, witnessed the largest public display of mystery clocks.

These clocks are famous not only for the method that the clocks display time, but also for the fine intricate work in each creation.The 158 historical timepieces that will be presented at the ArtScience Museum have been selected from the treasures of the Cartier Collection, a unique array of vintage Cartier objects that date from its origins through to the present day. These artifacts are often exhibited in the world’s most important museums. Emblematic creations, such as theFor almost four years, Cartier’s Fine Watchmaking Collection has evolved from an unprecedented wave of creativity, where the innovation and imagination of Cartier’s designer-watchmakers have been combined with the expertise and excellence of the Manufacture’s craftsmen.

Santos wristwatch (designed in 1904 as a custom made watch and released in 1911), the large Portique mystery clock (1923) with the mysterious Billiken figure on it, a very rare jumping-hour pocket watch with a transparent case and the exceptional 1928 Tortue watch with minute-repeater, will be joined by the largest collection of mystery clocks ever displayed in public in one place, all waiting to be discovered. Following the exhibition, the guests can enjoy the Cartier ‘Gentleman’s Club’ and the Cartier ‘Lounge Club’ which were created within the museum itself. The exhibition will run from December 14th 2011 to February 12th 2012.

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