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At auction Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels

Christie’s said “feel obliged to show the world this unique collection”


The jewels of Elizabeth Taylor will be auctioned by the House of Christie’s this coming December in New York, launching series of auctions that will continue until the middle of March including the paintings and other art objects, clothes, gadgets, cars and 11 furs. Previously, all these will go touring Moscow, London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong. On March 2 will be auctioned also the Mansion on the outskirts of Los Angeles with the first bid price at 85 million dollars.

Announcing the plan of auctioning the chairman of Christie’s Mark Porter said it “considers as an obligation to show the world the unique jewelry collection of Elizabeth Taylor because it is “sample of high aisthetics and high quality taste” which has always been the big star, who died last March at age 79 years. Mr. Porter also announced that “Taylor Collection” will be exhibited for one week at Rockefeller Center in New York .

There was no valuation of the collection but it is estimated that only jewelry – among which there are two diamonds of the biggest in the world – can “go” up to 600 million dollars. The paintings, particularly modern artists might yield about 250 million dollars. A percentage up to 10% of the earnings will go to the Taylor Foundation for AIDS.

The jewelry and clothes of Jackie Kennedy Onassis raised 35 million dollars when auctioned in 1993 by Sotheby’s (80-85 million dollars today) and Windsors’ nearly $ 25 million two years earlier.

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