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Adastra comes to rock the Yacht market


It is described as one of the most impressive super yachts, which marks the future of navigation.
The cost topped $ 16 million. The autonomy is 4 thousand miles, an element that was perhaps the most fundamental criterion owners from Hong Kong, and Helene Marnten Anto, who wish to travel long distances: for example, New York – UK without refueling.
Adastra, a trimaran in fact, it took over five years to plan, but the result justifies the authors. Constructed at McConaghy Boats yard based in China.
The quirky design of the vessel departs from the usual standards. Luxurious, elegant and functional, “burn” 120 liters per hour at a time characterized by a prolonged period of soaring oil prices.
Its length is 42.5 meters and is constructed so that it is quite light which makes fuel-efficient. As for performance, the vessel will be able to travel at a maximum speed of 22.5 knots at 2300 rpm.
A space resulting from the large dimensions in total three decks and a large width in the middle, which reaches 16 meters, are instrumental in creating large effective surface areas to the comfortable living.
Nine passengers will have access to large luxurious cabins. The same facilities will have the six-member crew.

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