8 must Haves for Bon Viveurs


How much costs a private plane and which iPhone case makes ultra rich holders to distinguish them from ordinary people who bought in installments? Is there a safe that except to provide the utmost security is a status symbol, too? How do you find a table at the best restaurant in the world, when all others must close the table six months ago? At the end, how the rich people of this world live?

We have chosen eight status symbols, from a private plane to a beautiful timepiesce, reflecting the luxurious life of the majority of bon viveurs.

Transportation mode: IconA5 Personal Aircraft
Price: around € 110.000 

Before some months, the DJ – super star David Guetta said that postponing his appearance, due to the failure of a private jet. Apparently, there was no question to travel by any other aircraft. The beautiful two-seater airplane of the photo would be worthy of the requirements of any rich or super star who respects himself. Features include possibility of landing on land and water, Rotax 912 ULS engine that delivers 100 horsepower and reaches a top speed of 193 kilometers per hour, folding wings that allow easy transport by trailer and built a huge parachute, among other security features 

Transportation mode for shorter distances: Venturi Fetish Sports Electric Vehicle 
Price: around €  520.000

Who said the rich do not have environmental concerns? With the trend of the planet sustainability  and saving energy, the first electric two-seater sports car is here to stay. With power of nearly 250 horses, top speed 160 km per hour and acceleration from 0 to 100 km in less than five seconds, Venturi Fetish is not much to envy from the traditional behemoths that aspires to compete. With a full charge, which lasts just one hour, can travel up to 250 km.

The detail that makes the difference: Spare Tire Case Damien Hirst 
Price: around € 1.100

Let’s say you turned your back on the top eco-car in the world and continues to surf with your shiny Jeep. The case of the spare wheel that makes the difference is a detail that can not be neglected. Of course, we have the best-and expensive-the world: the colorful case signed by the renowned artist Damien Hirst, is made of stainless steel and plastic, while the striking colors protected by special filters from the UV rays of the sun.

Safe: Narcissus from Döttling 
Price: € 250.000

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the Narcissus is the world’s most expensive safe. This handmade work of art high security weighs 800 pounds, has a height of 1.80 meters and width of one meter. Identifies the owner with a simple gesture, relieving him from remembering passwords. The impressive interior, reminiscent of futuristic room, dominated cabinets, drawers and numerous loose parts designed in order to accommodate your valuables.

iPhone case: Softbank BB Samurai
Price: around €800

The traditional Japanese art of polishing married to high technology in these such impressive cases for the iPhone, which are inspired by famous samurai-five from left to right: the conqueror Oda Nobunaga, the one-eyed chieftain Date Masamune, the Dragon of Echigo Uesagi Kenshin, the famous lover Naoe Kanetsugu and  triumphant Yukimura Sanada.

Timepiece: Breitling Montbrilliant Legende Chronograph
Price: € 7.800
Impressive at first glance, thanks to the size of the frame of nearly 47 mm. Made of stainless steel combined with detailed red gold 18 carat, it has a non-engraved sapphire crystal and operates with an automatic mechanism, certified of course, for its accuracy. On the back of the case is engraved … a very useful table of key measures of the navigation bar.

Corkscrew : “Most Expensive” by Frank Sveid 
Price: €  50.000
Belgian designer Frank Sveid created a unique tool for the rich who get their cellar very seriously. The corkscrew is hand-made of titanium and gold (every time there is someone to order). In fact, it is manufactured by 52 different pieces of titanium, a  material used in aerospace, including a trimmer for lead cap. Available in an impressive box-shaped cigar.

For all these «cannot be done»: Lifestyle Management Companies
Price: from €x.000 a year

Want to say, tickets for a sold out concert, special treatment in the best hotel in the world, access to prive party table at the best Restaurant for tonight. Or you want to have the shoes, Lady Gaga had in her latest video clip in order to make a gift to your niece. All done. If you’re not so rich that your name be enough to open doors, a lifestyle management company can arrange everything for you. Soon more news in theUltimateLuxuryCommunity!

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